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Inappropriate clothing

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What size clothing does Lady Gaga wear?

Lady gaga wears a size six..

Does Lady Gaga sing telephone by herslef?

Lady Gaga sings Telephone with Beyoncé, but it's mostly Gaga singing.

Why does Lady Gaga wear a meat dress?

she wore it for 1 of her openings but lady gaga is always lady gaga trying out new styles.

Who is more tall rihanna or Lady Gaga?

in my opinion lady gaga is mostly taller than Rhianna.

Does Lady Gaga wear Low-Crotch Capri Pants?

yes Lady Gaga does wearLow-Crotch Capri Pants

Who is more famous Lady Gaga or Mike Tyson?

Lady Gaga because mostly every body knows how she is

Did Lady Gaga wear braces?


Why does Lady Gaga wear unusual clothes?

I think that Lady GaGa just likes to express herself, and she has found that a way to do that is to wear extraordinary clothes.

Why doesn't Lady Gaga wear pants?

Lady Gaga does wear pant's, just not that often. The reason why she doesn't wear pants that often is because she just doesn't want to.

How is Lady Gaga brave?

Lady gaga is brave because she can wear whatever she wants to and not care what people say.

Would Lady Gaga wear a tutu?

Lady Gaga has wore a tutu in her marry the night music video.

What kind of clothes did Lady Gaga wear to school?

Lady GaGa wore uniforms and navy blue sweaters

What is Lady Gaga recognized for?

Mostly her eccentric style.

Dose Lady Gaga were a wig?

mostly all female Celebrities wear wigs in video's for songs but when she go's out its her real hair

What did Lady Gaga wear at the Grammy's?

Something weird that totally looked cute on her!! As always :) I LOVE U LADY GAGA!!!

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