What does Los Ami mean?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: What does Los Ami mean?
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What does bat- ami mean?

Bat Ami literally means 'daughter of my nation'. Bat is daughter Ami is my nation

What does Ami gustaría poder besarte mean?

Ami wish I could kiss you.

What does the medical abbreviation AMI mean?

AMI means Acute Myocardial Infarction

What does Terminé Mon ami mean?

terminé, mon ami ? = are you finished yet, my friend? terminez, mon ami. = please do finish, my friend.

What does petit-ami mean in American?

What do you mean in amercian?! Petit ami is french for boyfriend, or literally 'little friend'! It can mean girlfriend too if spelt 'petite amie'.

What does Un ami vous a dit mean?

Un ami vous a dit means "a friend told you ..."

What does the Hebrew word ami k mean in English?

Ami k is also included in the Pakistani language,Urdu The word Ami k means,'For Mom'.

What does Mes ami mean?

Mes ami should read mes amis (plural) and means my friends, whilst mon ami (singular) is the translation for my friend. .

What does it mean in English mon ami?

my friend

What does en ami mean in French?

as friend

What does ami fou mean?

a crazy friend

what is Amy?

do you mean Amy from sonic? she is a hedgehog just like sonic