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What does Mahalo mean?

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Mahalo in Hawaiian means that you are very thankful for something that some one else does.....

However it also means Hello or goodbye

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What does mahalo mean in Hawaiin?

Mahalo means thank you!

What does mahalo mean in english?

thank you

What does mahalo mean in hawaiian?

Thank you

What does mahala mean in hawaiin?

You mean mahalo. It is thank you.

In what language does mahalo mean thank you?

Mahalo is the Hawaiian word for thank you. It did not originally mean exactly thank you but instead can mean thanks, gratitude, praise, esteem or admiration.

What does mahala mean?

do you mean Mahalo? Which in Hawaii means Thank you.

What does mahala in Hawaii mean?

I think you mean Mahalo- which is "Thank you"

What does thank you mean in Hawaii?

Thank you in the Hawaiian language is Mahalo.

What is thank you in hawaiian language?

Mahalo :)

What is 'Thank you' in Hawaiian?

Thanks (or thank you) = Mahalo. Thank you very much = Mahalo Nui Loa

When was Mahalo created?

Mahalo was launched in May 2007.

What is mahalla mean in hawaiian?

It is properly spelled mahalo, and it means "thank you".

What does mahalo nui loa mean?

Aloha; Thank you very much

What does kala mai ia'you 'mahalo ke akua' mean in English?

kala mai ia'u: excuse me mahalo ke akua: thanks be to God

When was Mahalo Air created?

Mahalo Air was created in 1993.

What does mahalo ame a hui hou mean in Hawaiian Also what does malama pono mean as well?

It means: Ame- And Mahalo- Thank you A hui hou- See you later Malama pono- Be good or take care Mahalo, a hui hou malama pono: Thank you, take care until we meet again.

English translation for Muchos Mahalo Aloha Nui?

mucho mahalo

What is the English word for mahalo?

the English translation for mahalo is thank you or thanks.

What is mahalo ho aloha mean?

I think you're trying to put hoa as the middle word. Mahalo hoa aloha means thank you friend or thank you oh person for whom I care.

How do you pronounce mahalo?

mahalo means thank you in hawaiian. it is pronounced ma- ha-low.

Mahalo nui plenty?

Hawaiian for Thank you very much. Also, Mahalo nui loa.

How do you say thank you in hawaiian?

Mahalo or Mahalo Nui Loa means thank you very much.

Are mahalo ukuleles good?

The Mahalo brand is a great starting ukulele with good quality and an inexpensive price.

Thank you in Hawaiian?


How do you thanks in Hawaiin?