What does Malama Pono mean in Hawaiian?

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"Malama pono" is short for "e malama pono," and expresses "take good care," with "of yourself" understood.
In this instance, "e" is the hortative particle, signifying an imperative.
"Malama" (with a kahako over the first a) = vt. care for, tend, protect
"Pono" = vs. completely, properly, carefully
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What does pono mean?

The word `pono` in the Hawaiian language is referred to most popularly as 'righteousness'. As is stated in the Hawaii state motto: `Ua Mau ke Ea o ka Äâ'¬ina i ka Pono` (translated directly as: the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness). However, the word is often used to mean co ( Full Answer )

What does pono mean in hawaiian?

Aloha. Answer; OK, you are not going to like this. Because many Hawai`ian words are conceptual and not confined to 'one' preset, determined definition, one word can have many meanings, or be used in many contexts. Pono is one of those words. Some of its meanings are listed. More meanings may be foun ( Full Answer )

What does maalaea mean in Hawaiian?

maʻa.laea \n. \nnvs. Red color, red ocher color; stained red, as with ocherous earth; red, as earth.\nhttp://wehewehe.org/gsdl2.5/cgi-bin/hdict?a=q&r=1&hs=1&e=q-0hdict--00-0-0--010---4----den--0-000lpm--1en-Zz-1---Zz-1-home---00031-0000escapewin-00&q=maalaea&j=pm&hdid=0&hdds=0

What does the name Alana mean in Hawaiian?

Smart I suppose . I don't now what it means in hawaiian but i know that it means "my baby", dont know what languange though. Alana means fair in hawaiian.

What does kiana mean in hawaiian?

Kiana may mean; squirting water, his/her tree, the colors purple,crimson, scarlet, rust, pink, or green, striped or plain, or theprotector of spirits.

What does marissa mean in hawaiian?

oogalaaaaa boogalaaaaaaaaa!. this name in hawaiian is pronounced somewhat the same, it is a sounding of. " mayyrissya" and it is closer to the spanish pronounciation

What does pono mean in maori?

True - He Pono tena korero (that story is to be beleived) Beleive - ka pono au ki tena korero (I believe that story)

What is the meaning of Hawaiian?

Noun: A native or inhabitant of Hawaii. Adjective: Of or relating to Hawaii, its people, or their language.

What does your name Katie mean in Hawaiian?

Katie in Hawaiian is Keke [kay-kay]. This can have 2 meanings; a person who lives in Hawaii when it iswinter at their other home (a Hawaiian snowbird), and a person whomakes others feel welcomed.

What do Hawaiian instruments mean to Hawaiian culture?

Cultures are often defined by their musical heritage. In Hawaii, the last few generations of the Kings and Queens to rule the country were avid supporters of the ukulele and wrote and performed with this instrument. To the people of Hawaii, it takes them back to a different time frame, one in which ( Full Answer )

What does xavier mean in hawaiian?

1. Kealohilani - heavenly sparkle 2. Kawieli - little nesting bird............ both are names for Xavier in HI

What does zaca mean in Hawaiian?

You must mean shaka... hi, what's up, that's cool, friends, hang loose (take it easy; be cool), etc.

What does kawai mean in hawaiian?

1 - ka wai written like this is the water; the living force or movement; the light (life), etc. 2 - kāwai written like this is liquor (especially if it is softened) Both are pronounced ka v-I

What does mahana mean in hawaiian?

Warmth or heat. If there is an accent over the first a, then it is twins or double and is said 'may-ha-na' instead of 'ma-ha-na'.

What does the hawaiian word pohai mean?

Aloha: Circle or group; can be like a specified area (ex: Pohai Nani [beautiful place] is the name of a well known retirement home for seniors).

What does uha mean in Hawaiian?

Aloha: One of those words...... 1. uha - intestine 2. ūhā - an eel 3. 'uha - wasteful (see the accent in front of the word?) 4. ʻŪhā - (with the accent and the lines over the letters) - thigh, lap, or foster parent/guardian

What does Kamakau mean in Hawaiian?

Aloha: Words in HI'ian often have multiple meanings. This is usually used to mean an unrelated or unspecified amount of time; also a long rest / repose.

What does Lawe mean in Hawaiian?

To take, transport, carry, bring, haul, fetch, undertake, accept (as a duty), make off with, acquire, and to become.

What does nou mean in Hawaiian?

Aloha: 1.nou - to throw; 2. no'u - short and plump; 3. nou (with an accent over the u) - to soak or drench with water

What does mocha mean in hawaiian?

LOH: Say kokoleka mākuʻe [koko-laykah maykoo A] or moreso kokoleka no. Know that mocha is a brand, and HI'ians are just as likely to say "kokoleka mocha".

What does holo holo mean in hawaiian?

It is Hawaiian slang for going around to lots of different places, sort of like the Australian idea of Walk about, or just to take a joy ride..

What do words on Hawaiian quarter mean?

"UA MAU KE EA O KA ĀINA I KA PONO," ("The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness") This means that the spirit of Hawai`i is kept by the pride of its people.

What kea mean in hawaiian?

Aloha: 1- White, or a fair-complexioned person, 2- Breast milk, or 3- A sugar cane

What does Obama mean in hawaiian?

Obama has no meaning in Hawaiian. The word itself is a proper name of Kenyan origin, probably from the Luo language of his biological father.

Does kaiki mean daisy in hawaiian?

Aloha: Answer - No, unfortunately. There is no direct translation, actually, but it is kind of used to mean 'little one'.

What does Danielle mean in hawaiian?

Aloha: ATTENTION: Sorry I missed the question. Danieele in HI`ian is Kaniele (kah-nee-ay-lay), and it has 2 meanings: . Little Beautiful Voice (or sound) . Little Beautiful One (born wednesday, thurs, fri, or saturday)

What does hana mean in the hawaiian language?

Aloha: Wow! A complicated word! Haan has many, many meanings in Hawai`i depending upon its usage, including; use, things, feelings, people, smells, and many more.

What does hawaiian hula mean?

Aloha: Of course, the most popular meanings are: dance, dance moves, or a song that the dance is done to/with. If you put a dashed accent over the last 'a' though when you are writing, it changes to 'hoo-lay', and it means to pierce and penetrate, expel, or reject.

What does Kala'iku mean in hawaiian?

Aloha: Funny word because although it usually means head prayer giver or like a town crier, it can also mean sorcerer. : D Go figure, right?

What does the accent mean in Hawaiian language?

Aloha, I am a fluent Hawaiian Language speaker and have lived in Hawaiʻi my whole life. To start off, there are two different symbols used in the Hawaiian Language: 1. Kahakō: The kahakō is the symbol you see just above the ʻOʻ in "Kahakō." It elongates a vowel sound and can ONLY ( Full Answer )

What does lus mean in hawaiian?

Aloha: There is no such word. If you mean lua.... 1. Hole, pit, grave, den, cave, mine, crater. 2. Toilet, outhouse, bathroom, cellar. 3. Two, second, secondary, twice, deuce, double; doubly, much, a great deal. 4. Equal, likeness, duplicate copy, match. 5. n. Friend, mate.

What does pi'o maila mean in hawaiian?

Aloha: The arch [over] there (like in a rainbow, for example). In some conversation, it could also be 'then married'. Strange, I know. : )

What does your name mean in hawaiian?

Sorry, I do have a Hawaiian name, but I will not say what it means. A very small portion of my name and what I go by is "Ku'i" (koo-[short pause]-ee) or "kick" in English.

What does kuleana pono mean in Hawaiian?

The two words that you needed translated, " kuleana "which has multiple meanings, in the old Hawaiian days it meant"land divisions" and can also represent your space or spirituality.The next word is " pono "and that means "to make correct"/"to make good". So in essence,what Israel was saying is to g ( Full Answer )