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'Merci beaucoup' means 'Thank you very much' or 'Thanks a lot' in French.

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Thank you

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Q: What does Merci beaucoup mean?
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Related questions

What does thank you in french mean?

"Thank you" - Merci. "Thank you very much" - "Merci Beaucoup"

What is merci beancoup?

I assume you mean "merci beaucoup?" It means "thank you very much."

What is merci beaucoup in English?

'Merci beaucoup' means 'Thank you very much'

What does merci beaucoup moi petite mon bijou mean?

I thank you very much my little jewel = Merci beaucoup moi petite mon bijou.

How do say thanks in French?

Merci, merci beaucoup

What does Tres Bien merci beaucoup mean?

very well thank you

What is thanks for life in french?

merci toujours or merci beaucoup

How to Spell merci beaucoup with punctuation marks?

merci beaucoup doesn't need any accent or punctuation mark.

How does one translate merci beaucoup into English?

In English, "merci" can be translated as "thank you" and "beaucoup" means "a lot" or "very much," so merci beaucoup is the French equivalent to saying "Thank you very much!"

How do you say thank you so much in french?

Merci beaucoup! (mehr-CEE bow*-KOO)*as in 'bow-and-arrow'Or "Un grand merci"

How do you read merci beaucoup?

"merci beaucoup" (pronounced 'mehr-see boh-coo') means 'thank you very much' in French.

What does merci beaucoup mes aime mean?

It translates to "Thank you very much, my love."

What is the Reply to Merci beaucoup?

De rien

How do you sany thank you in french?

merci beaucoup

Thank-you very much?

Merci beaucoup.

What is another word that goes with merci?


How to answer thank you in french?

Merci! - thank you or, Merci Beaucoup- thank you very much

What does liberte merci beau coup mean?

liberté = liberty / merci beaucoup = thanks a lot, many thanks, thank you very much

What does merci beaucoup mon ami mean?

Thank you very much (or - thanks a lot) my friend.

How do you say thank-you in french?

Thank you = Merci Thank you very much = Merci beaucoup

What is merci buco?

It means "Thank you very much". The right spelling is "Merci beaucoup".

What does Merci beaucoup tu est tres bon?

Merci beaucoup, tu est tres bon= Thank you very much, you are very good

How do you say - many thanks - in french?

merci beaucoup

How do you spell thanks a lot in french?

merci beaucoup

What is french for thank you very much?

merci beaucoup