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He was also a huge fan of Baseball, and actually played professionally for a bit in the middle of his Basketball career (in between retirements).

He also in known to enjoy playing Golf.

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How much did Michael Jordan like basketball?

Journalism Degree.

What does Michael Jordan like to do on his free time?

play basketball

Does Michael Jordan like baseball?

Of course he likes basketball! Its his life.

Where does Michael Jordan like to go on vacation?

Michael Jordan was a very famous basketball player. He likes to go on vacation in places such as the Caribbean.

What does Michael Jordan like most about basketball?

The best thing Michel Jordan likes about basketball is netting the ball as many times as possible into the net.

How much is a 1993 Michael Jordan basketball card worth?

Like 1,200

What song does Michael Jordan like and why?

I'm thinking basketball...anyone else agree?

Who is the better basketball player Paul pierce or Michael Jordan?

for sure it Micheal Jordan i mean everybody knows that he is like the best basketball player ever I've always dreamed to be a basketball player

Did Michael Jordan like basketball when he was little?

Yes, but he also had another true love baseball

How to cross people up in basketball like Allen Iverson Steve francis and Michael Jordan?

train like them.

Why does Michael like playing basketball?

Micheal Jordan likes basket ball because it is a competitive sport

Where can one find some Michael Jordan quotes?

There are a few sites that have many Michael Jordan quotes. One can find such quotes on sites like 'BrainyQuote', 'goodreads', 'Wikiquote' and 'Basketball Quotes'.

Did Michael Jackson like basketball?

Yes, Michael loved playing basketball ever since he was little with his brothers and also developed some skills apparently when he and Michael Jordan featured in his music video for 'Jam' - check it out!

Why does Michael Jordan like basketball?

Because hes so into the slam dunking stuff. But he nows how to serve the ball.

What is a Beckett basketball monthly magazine may 1991 signed by Michael Jordan worth?

WOW.... like a ton...

How does Michael Jordan practise basketball?

Just like everyone else does he practices dribbling, his shooting, and Of course "his airness"

Is LeBron James the next MJ?

It depends, Lebron plays the same style as Michael Jordan. But Kobe can beat lebron at basketball any time. So i would say that lebron plays more like Michael Jordan, but Kobe will be the best player after Michael Jordan.

Where does Michael Jordan like to go?

Where does Michael jordan want to go

Why does Michael Jordan play golf?

Michael Jordan plays golf generally because he has retired from Basketball and Baseball, and that golf seems like a laid-back sport for him. Lots of retired athletes play golf as well like Charles Barkley.

How did Michael Jordan change the world?

Michael Jordan changed the world by changing the game of basketball just like Larry Bird, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. He also changed the econimical world. Michael Jordan did not change the world. Most of the people in the world have never heard of him and he has not affected their lives in the least.

What was Michael Jordan best known for in basketball?

mos of all his ability to play through any obstacle that was put in front of him. he didnt just like basketball he fell in love with the game.

Why was Mia Hamm named after Michael Jordan?

Because she had great athletic ability just like him except she played soccer and he plays Basketball.

What did Michael Jordan teach others?

Well, he tought kids some simple Basketball moves like right now and before in the 80s

How is Michael Jordan inspiring?

He is inspiring by being the best Basketball player in the world. And he showed us not to quit Basketball, like how he quit basketball and showed up again. But he quit the second time because maybe of his age.

How did Michael Jordan make a difference in the world?

He broke records for basketball and helped the econmony grow 40 billon worldwide and he was a boss like these balls