What does Monthly recurring billing until cancelled mean?

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monthly recurring means , for example: if you subscribe to a magazine subscription for 9.99/month they will keep billing you monthly and keep sending you those magazines monthly until you cancel it.
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What is the average monthly phone bill?

Answer . Depends on what is in your particular "bundled" service plan. For the bare bones basic land line, it averages $22 per month (that includes all taxes, etc.)

What does recurring mean?

Something is recurring if it happens on a regular or even irregular basis. A recurring nightmare is one that you've had in the past on more than one occasion.

What is the average monthly bill for an apartment?

$900 is my average monthly bill for my apartment. Answer: If your apartment on top floor or better ventilation then you should go with solar energy products It will be very helpful to reduce you electricity cost and save your money. You can reduce your electricity bill up 9%.

What is the monthly bill of WOW?

$15 a month and $30 for a Game Card that gives you 2 months on it. Sorry that's $15 a Month on a Credit card or you can buy a Game Card that has 2 Months on it for $30

Can a car insurance company cancel you for being late. I pay monthly and I haven't gotten a bill this month and last month I was late it said if I didnt pay by this date then I would be canceled-paid?

Yes, you can be cancelled for being late. By the way, all bills say if they aren't paid by the due date you are subject to cancellation. Call your insurance company and ask for an additional bill to be sent by mail. Besides, you don't really need the bill. You pay the same amount every month and it' ( Full Answer )

What is the average monthly trash bill?

Te average monthly trash bill depends on factors such as location,family size and type of home that you live in. For example, if youlive in an apartment complex, the average monthly trash bill couldbe between 10 and 40 US dollars.

What are monthly bills for a single person?

A monthly budget must include: . Taxes . Housing ; rent - anywhere from $400.00 in smaller towns to over $2,000.00 in large cities . Utilities - depends on usage, cost, and which utilities you pay but can be anywhere from $300.00 for gas, electric, water ... to a few thousand dollars for the sa ( Full Answer )

Average Monthly gasoline bill?

AAA says their average customer keeps a car five years and drives that car 75,000 miles. This works out to 15,000 miles per year. Other estimates range from 10,000 to 20,000 miles per year depending on income and the number of vehicles in the family. At 20,000 miles per year with a vehicle that g ( Full Answer )

What does recurring previously mean?

In standardized and modern English usage the phrase order is"previously reoccurring." This phrase regards that an event hasrepeated itself over the past time frame. An commonly usedalternate phrase is "a reoccurring history."

What is the average monthly cable bill?

The average monthly cable bill in the US is around 80 dollars. Thisdoesn't include any premium movie channels or sports channels.

Can you pay your monthly bill automatically?

YThis makes no sense to me.Ijust want to pay my bill thru a credicard each month.savy?I understand I can do this on internet.Good bye.I will need to call. sorry jbruns

What do recurring dreams of trains mean?

Life transition! . These dreams might reflect nothing more significant than the proximity of a railroad where trains pass in the night. When one lives within the sound of trains, the conscious mind filters out the sound so that one is not aware of it during waking hours. But the sleeping mind might ( Full Answer )

What is the monthly bill on a Ferrari?

Excluding finance payments and insurance, maintenance costs could be zero to several thousand per month. It depends on whether the car is sitting in a garage/museum or being driven as they were intended - around racetracks.

What does cancel mean?

it means to deny. or to drop out. saying NO is also a meaning of canceling.

What does non recurring mean?

In regards to monetary charges, it means you are billed once. More or less, it is something that happens a single instance.

What does cancelled mean?

It means production of the show has ceased and the creators, writers, and actors have moved on.. This is not a freakin dictionary!

Average monthly bill on landlines?

The least amount averages about 20 to 30 dollars a line . If you have a separate internet broadband provider such as Clear Wire etc. you may want to check out majic jack.com. the average cost of a line with majic jack is $ 1.95 per mo. and all calls are free in and out with unlimited usage.

How much is a monthly bill for a dog?

Depending on the size of the dogs feeding will run you about $20 per month. Vet bills probably another $50 to $100 per year. Other things such as toys, treats, and other accesories can run as much as you care to spend.

What does non-recurring mean?

Non-recurring means if you sign up for some kind of membership it means you will not be able to cancel it

How much is a telephone bill monthly?

It would barely depend in your provider. There are some who offers flat rate while others base it to the number of minutes used.

How much is a monthly bill for cable?

In Apex, NC our monthly TWC bill for Basic Cable and Roadrunner is $132.14. ($1584.00/year!) .... I'm getting ready to go to an antenna and DSL.

What is the average monthly bill for rent?

It depends on the area you are looking at, for this general question though, the world average would be needed, which is to hard of answer to come up with due to the variances in national economies across the globe.

What is the average monthly bill for water?

Obviously it depends on how much water you use. I think that's a personal question because not two of the same people will have the same answers. Did that answer your question?

How much is a monthly bill for a cat?

That depends on where you live. You will have to add up the cost of food and litter for your cat. Water usage is negligible when compared to the total used in the household. Veterinarian bills are sporadic.

Does the iPod Touch have a monthly bill?

Unless you struck a deal with the place you bought it from to make monthly payments instead of paying off the iPod all at once, no, it does not have a monthly bill.

What word means repeated or recurring?

Words meaning repetitive may include: The word intermittent - recurring at intervals, not constant The word persistent - unrelenting or unending The medical use of chronic - constant, repeated, or recurrent.

How do you use a credit card for recurring billing?

There are a variety of ways to use a credit card so a bill is automatically paid. Most companies that focus on recurring billing (including, but not limited to utilities, telephone companies, subscription services, tollway services, etc.) allow you to enter your card number and expiration date and w ( Full Answer )

How do you I cancel you taking monthly out of my account?

I'm not taking monthly out of your account, so you don't need to cancel anything. More seriously, you should contact the business office of the company that is making the automatic withdrawals, and tell them you want to cancel. If that doesn't work, you may need to speak with your bank and tell the ( Full Answer )

How do you cancel your recurring membership on moshi monsters?

To cancel an account, the user will have to send the following information to Moshi Monsters by email: 1. What is your Monster Owner name (the name you use to login) 2. What is your Monster's name 3. What email was used to register the account? 4. Why do you want us to delete the account? (O ( Full Answer )

What is recurring billing?

Recurring billing is billing that happens more than one time - on a cycle, usually on a monthly or yearly basis. Utility bills are an example of recurring bills. With online recurring billing, customers' credit cards are charged each month (or week, day year etc. depending on the billing cycle) to p ( Full Answer )

What does recurring mean in Maths?

Repeating again and again, without end. For example, 3/11 = 0.272727... where the "27" keeps repeating forever. That is an example of a recurrent decimal with a recurrence cycle of length 2. 1/7 = 0.142857142857... has a recurring decimal with a recurrence cycle of length 6.

How much is a monthly tv bill?

Monthly TV bills can range by a variety of factors: . region . channels . dish vs. cable vs. phone provider . bundling (combining with Internet etc.) . pay per view There are digital channels that are free in the US (formerly local analog channels). Typical cable prices range from $20-$120 ( Full Answer )

How much is a monthly furniture bill?

Could you rephrase and resubmit your question. This cannot be answered the way it is written. Please be specific. This way you get the best answer possible.

A monthly recurring cost associated with renting a house?

Renting a house results in several recurring costs. The rent itselfis a recurring cost, as is the utilities, Internet, renter'sinsurance, and trash service. Additional costs many renters haveare pest control, the cable bill, and satellite service.

What does it mean when you have recurring dreams?

Recurring dreams usually indicate that the dreamer is avoiding some issue or running away from a problem in real life. Once the dreamer deals with the problem, the recurring dream will stop.

Why is Young Justice canceled until January?

It hasn't been cancelled, if it had been it wouldn't be returning at all, let alone in January. As for Why, no one here knows exactly why Cartoon Network imposes these hiatus for their shows. If someone were to guess, it's possible the episodes are not ready for air, or perhaps they want them to la ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when something recurs?

When an event or circumstance "recurs," this means that the event occurs or happens again. Recurring can also mean an event, image, or circumstance coming back to your mind - such as a "recurring dream." The etymology is a Latin term meaning to recede.

What is recurring payment mean?

A recurring payment is a payment made over and over, such as ahouse payment, car payment or electric bill, etc. that come duemonthly or bimonthly etc.

What does it mean to cancel?

To cancel a television series means to not continue airing it, sothat it isn't shown on television anymore. Luckily, cancelledtelevision shows can be brought back if the company who shows itrealise it has a large number of fans. They can see this from theDVD sales of the television series - if they' ( Full Answer )

What is a monthly billing statement?

A monthly billing statement - is the notification sent out by thecredit card company, detailing the most recent transactions on theaccount. It shows any payments made since the last statement, anynew purchases and the amount of interest charged on the currentbalance. It is NOT a demand to pay the wh ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by recurring expenditure?

A recurring expenditure is one which you have to keep paying overand over, like rent. It is unlike capital expenditures which youonly have to pay once.