What does Mr Snoodle look like?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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Mr. Snoodle is an orange and yellow elephant.

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He is a ponie even though he looks like a pig, he is not. He was put in the pony catagorie so that is what animal he is. A PONY.

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Q: What does Mr Snoodle look like?
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How did Mr Snoodle the moshling become a pony on Moshi Monsters?

The Moshi Monsters team chooses the sets for the moshlings. Even though Mr. Snoodle looks like an elephant, Mr. Snoodle was probably chosen for the ponies set because Mr. Snoodle has four legs.

Which moshling is cuter Mr Snoodle or Snookums?

Mr. Snoodle is the cutest thing ever!

Is Mr Snoodle a common or uncommon moshling?

Mr. Snoodle is a Rare moshling on Moshi Monsters.

How do you attract Mr Snoodle on the Moshi Cupcakes game?

Mr. Snoodle's main ingredient is orange cake.

Who is Mr Snoodle the moshling on moshi monsters?

Mr. Snoodle is the cute yellow poka dotted little elephant moshling on moshimonsters! Mr. Snoodle is the Silly Snuffler, part of the Ponies set.

Why is Mr. Snoodle in the Ponies set on Moshi Monsters?

Ponies have 4 legs and so does Mr. Snoodle so that is probably why! Another Opinion: Mr. Snoodle was put into the Ponies set by Moshi Monsters so that they could have a contest on the Daily Growl called "The Mystery of Mr. Snoodle".

How do you get mr snoodle without being a member?

red pepper+red magic+blue pepper = Mr. Snoodle!

Which plush moshling do you have to buy to get the mr snoodle online plush?

no i dear but you can mr snoodle like this red hot silly pepper purple magic bean blue hot silly pepper

Is Mr. Snoodle on Moshi Monsters a pig?

Mr. Snoodle is a Silly Snuffler, a rare Moshling from the Ponies set. Mr. Snoodle is a character created for the Moshi Monsters game, so he does not have to be any specific animal.

What is Mr Snoodle in Moshi Monsters?

Mr. Snoodle the Silly Snuffler is a rare moshling in the Ponies set on Moshi Monsters.

What is the bottom log in code for Mr Snoodle on Moshi Monsters?

There is no log in code for Mr. Snoodle. You have to plant seeds to attract Mr. Snoodle to your Moshling garden. 056 Mr. Snoodle the Silly Snuffler [Ponies] any Hot Silly Pepper, Purple Hot Silly Pepper, Yellow Dragon Fruit

What are the lyrics to Mr Snoodle Do the Doodle?

mr snoodle do the doodle and the poodle with the noodle if you dont dont worry because you get some honey ! .