What does Nike 'Dunk high' mean?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Dunk is the shoe model and high is how high the back goes, like in my opinion Dunk High's look best then "Dunk Low's" then Mids

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Q: What does Nike 'Dunk high' mean?
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What was the last Nike Sb dunk HIGH with a fat tongue?

nike sb high dunk wheat

Are NIKE Dunk High Women's Casual basketball shoes?

yes there are

What is the difference between Nike high tops and Nike dunks?

Nike dunks are a shoe model that come in low, mid, and high tops. Nike high tops could be one of two shoe models: Blazer or Dunk.

Where do they sell nike dunk high shoes at?

You can get them at famous footwear :)) (dont forget emzy ;))

What is the different between nike dunk and nike dunk sb?

Not to mention that they are made specificaly for skateing, hence the SB (Skateboarding).

Where can you buy Nike dunk lows?

The Official Nike Page or Nike's official store in your city.

What were Nike Dunk SB original price?


Wherer can i buy nike dunk sb's?


What shoe brand does Usher wear?

nike dunk

Can you buy the Nike hyper-dunk sports pack separate to the shoe?

yes at the nike store

What shoes was Chris Brown wearing in the crawl video?

He is wearing Volume Graphite Patent Sneakers by JUMP DELUXE.

How do you wear Nike dunk low 6.0s?

with skinnies of course :-)