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The Japanese work for Ginkgo, 銀行 (Ginko) Also means 'Bank'

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日本銀行 (nippon ginkou) means the Bank of Japan in Japanese.

Example: 日本銀行に勤めています (nippon ginkou ni tsutometeimasu) - "I work for the Bank of Japan."

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Q: What does Nippon Ginko mean in Japanese?
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What is the exchange rate of nippon ginko 1000yen currency in India?

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What is a Nippon Ginko?

It means Bank of Japan.

How many 10000 yen nippon ginko in Philippine peso?


What does nippon mean in Japanease?

In Japanese, Nippon means "Land of the Rising Sun."

What is japan often referred as?

"Japan" is not a word that exists in the Japanese language. The official Japanese word for Japan is, formally: Nippon-koku; informally: Nihon-koku. Usually "Nippon" will suffice. Many Japanese companies use "Nippon" in their names, such as Nippon Airlines and Nippon Oil.

What county was known as nippon?

Japan is known as Nippon in Japanese.

What is the nippon ginko 1000 worth in American money?

$ 10.57 by updated exchange rate of 94.607 yen to 1 dollar

What name do the Japanese call their country?

The Japanese name for Japan is Nihon, and officially Nippon (nippon-koku, state of Japan).

What do the Japanese call their country?


Why is jappan called nippon?

The Japanese call Japan: Nippon. And in English Nippon is: Japan. But Nippon is the original word for Japan.

The Japanese call their country?

Japanese call their country "Nihon" or "Nippon".

What do the Japanese call their coutry?

The Japanese word for their own country - is Nippon.