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What does Occupation mean?

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An occupation is a job or profession. An occupation is someones job. For example, if you were to ask George Bush what his occupation was, he would say being President. It can also refer to the period of time an area is controlled by a foreign military power.

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What does that mean? -Monaco is country, it does not have an "occupation"

A Occupation means your job. You could have more than one Occupation.

Occupation of other country's territory by the Nazi forces.

the job of your husband or wife. occupation = job spouse= the person you're married to

Occupation-someone who does bookkeeping for a business.

Occupation Employment Statistics.

following an occupation to make a living.

When the nazis took control of an area.

It means "an activity in which a person is engaged".

It means that they were curious about your occupation

"Occupation" in occupational therapy has to do with those activities that people do in their daily lives that give their lives meaning.

All European nations (except Switzerland) divided up the African continent by claim and by the rule of occupation.

German occupation refers to German armies being located in and controlling a piece of territory that was not previously a part of Germany.

"A woman whose occupation is sewing."-Merriam Webster

It means what is your job - an artists, an engineer, etc.

Sidney Crosby is always an athlete (He does not have an occupation other than athlete) He does not have an 'occupation' in the manner you mean but I can tell you he has a few preoccupations; mostly himself but also blonds with mudou kutattas.

Heat - temperature ; which is hot Preacher - someone whose occupation is preaching the gospel

to kill jews.. I think your talking about whats it mean when it says occupation of communist if so then it means - Where there staying at or occupying while there country has communism

A vocation is a calling to or preference for a certain profession, trade or occupation.

quehacer(es) = occupation(s), business(es).

If you mean daddy's occupation-he's a London taxi driver.

It means the time that the Nazis were in charge of (occupying) the country in question.

I assume you mean Jane Eyre, she was a governess. A formal baby-sitter.

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