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his ship got distroyed on the rocks

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Odysseus tells the cyclops that his ship was destroyed by Poseidon's wrath, to deflect suspicion from the other surviving crew members. In reality, they are still aboard the ship and hidden safely.

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Q: What does Odysseus tell the cyclops happened to his ship?
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Why didn't Odysseus tell cyclops his name as soon as he asked?

Odysseus did not tell the cyclops his name cyclops promised him a gift

What does Odysseus tell the cyclops that his name is?


What does the Odysseus tell the cyclops his name is?


Why was it a bad idea for Odysseus to boast and tell his name to cyclops?

Bc the Cyclops could tell his father who blinded him.

What lie did Odysseus tell the cyclopes?

1. When the Cyclops Polyphemus asks Odysseus where his ship is, Odysseus lies and says it was destroyed upon the rocks of the shore. 2. Odysseus told the cyclops that his name was "Nobody". When Odysseus and his men blind the cyclops (neither Odysseus nor the Cyclops dies), he yells to his friends for help. They ask him what is wrong and he answers saying, "Nobody's killing me now by fraud and not by force!" (Fagles' translation 9.455). They respond by saying that it must be the plague killing him and they can't help. They advise him to pray.

Why did Odysseus tell Polyphemus that his name was No Man?

Odysseus tells Polyphemus that his name was No Man, or Nobody, to trick the cyclops as shown later: When the cyclops called for help he says, "No Man did this!", "No Man has blinded me", "No Man is hurting me!" making him look like a fool to the other cyclops, and casting doubt as to whether the injuring event in question has actually happened. This happened in book 9, 'The Cyclops'. Odysseus is known for his wisdom and his cunning ways. He realized that the Cyclops must be attacked for him to save himself and his crew, and planned far in advance so that the other Cyclops do not interfere when the time came. Polyphemus was easily fooled.

Why was it bad to tell the cyclopes his name was Odysseus at the end?

The Cyclops was the son of Poseidon, who was already angry at Odysseus. The Cyclops made it worse by praying to Poseidon that Odysseus would have a very long and hard journey back to his home of Ithaca.

When Polyphemus asked Odysseus About His ship what did Odysseus tell him?

Odysseus claimed that he and his men had been shipwrecked. He said this to hide the location of his ship from Polyphemus.

What is Odysseus's biggest mistake with the cyclops?

he cursed Polyphemus and told him his name; therefore letting Polyphemus (the cyclops) tell his dad, Poseidon, who hurt him.

What does Odysseus say to taunt the Cyclops?

Odysseus taunts the Cyclops by revealing his real name, claiming that he will tell others about the Cyclops's hostile actions and cruelty, and suggesting that the Cyclops is weaker than expected because of his defeat.

What is an example of paradox from the odyssey?

An example of a paradox in the Odyssey is when Odysseus must tell Polyphemus his name is "Nobody" in order to trick the cyclops. However, when Odysseus finally blinds Polyphemus, the cyclops yells that "Nobody" is hurting him, leading other cyclops to believe that he is unharmed.

What did Odysseus to the giant cyclops?

He didn't give him anything- in ancient Greek mythology, he captured Odysseus and his crew after their ship is wrecked in a storm and washed up on the island where he lived. The Cyclops is cannibalistic in his habits and kills and devours more than one of Odysseus's men, but he also has a treasured flock of sheep that he jealously guards. Odysseus tricks the Cyclops into getting drunk to the point of passing out from intoxication- when he is unconscious, Odysseus blinds the Cyclops's single eye with a red-hot iron, then kill his herd of sheep and clads himself and his crew in their fleeces. Upon awakening and finding himself blind, the Cyclops flies into a fury and seeks to find and kill Odysseus, but because he can no longer see, he has to go by touch, and cannot tell the fleece-clad Odyssesus and his crew, from his own flock of sheep, enabling them to sneak out quietly and escape when the Cyclops gets confused.