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'(That) Man works at the gas station.'

[Note: the word 'that' is in parentheses since it literally wasn't mentioned in the Japanese sentence, yet it's necessary in the English one.]

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Q: What does Otokonohito wa gasorinsutando de hataraite imasu mean in English?
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What does Otokonohito wa kuruma no yoko ni imasu mean in English?

'There is a man by the car.'

What does Otokonohito wa kuruma no ushiro ni imasu mean in English?

'A man is behind the car.'

How do you say I am at work in Japanese?

You may say '[company name] de hataraite imasu,' written in Japanese: '[company name]で働いています

How do you say what company do you work for in Japanese?

'I work in a bank' is銀行で勤めています (ginkou de tsutomete imasu) in Japanese. This is pronounced roughly as:銀行で (ginkou de) - geen-koh deh勤めています(tsutomete imasu) - tsoo-toe-meh-tay-mas(uh)The final 'u' sound of勤めています is kind of muttered. You may simply leave it out altogether if you want.

What is English of watashi ha gifu ni imasu?

I'm in Gifu.

What does kokorono naka ni anata ga itsumo imasu in english?

you are always in my heart.

What does Konohitotaichi wa sutajiamu de tatte imasu mean in English?

'These people are standing in the stadium.'

What does Onnanohito wa ie ni imasu mean in English?

'(Those/The) Women are at home/their houses.'

What does Karera wa chikatetsu o orite imasu mean in English?

'They are getting off the tube.'

How do you say Are you in town in Japanese?

use "ni imasu" examples Tokyo ni imasu, ( I am in Tokyo) nihon ni imasu (I am in Japan)

What is the phrase 'Where am I' when translated from English to Japanese?

'Doko ni imasu' means 'where am i' 「どこにいます」

What does kare wa chikatetsu o orite imasu mean in English?

'He is getting off the tube.'