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P14 is the stamp for platinum.

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What does 14k PFA mean

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Q: What does P14 stamped inside a ring mean?
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What is a ring marked p14-k and dqcz worth?

I found the same ring that was given to me by my Japanese aunt, exactly the same ring, listed on eBay for $299.00. What is my best way to sell this ring and to whom to get the most money for it?

What is a 45cal para ordnance p14 limited stainless steel worth?

A Para Ordnance p14 limited stainless steel is usually $1000-1100s.

What does p14 03 1432 stand for?

love you too

Is a centurion p14 7mm mag a good gun?


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The Pattern 14 rifle had a five round internal box magazine.

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What is the value of para ordnance p14-45 still new in the case never been fired?

About $745-$800, depending on alloy or steel framed. Very nice pistols, by the way.

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How do you find out about Remington Bolt Action 303 rifle with a bayonet serial number 5382?

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