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No such symbol as 'PA' on the Periodic Table. However I think you mean 'Pa' Protactinium'. 'P' could be the element phosphorus, but there is no element with the letter 'A'.

NB When writing up chemical symbols remember the rules;-

#1 Single letter elements , always have a CAPITAL letter.

#2 Two letter elements, always have a capital letter to start and the second letter is ALWAYS small case.

Here are some examples.

H - Hydrogen ,

O - Oxygen

N - Nitrogen

Na - Sodium (Nadium)

Cu - Copper (Cuprum)

Cl - Chlorine

If you do not correctly write the chemical symbol, there could be confusion as to what substance is being referred . e.g. 'CO' - Carbon Monoxide and 'Co' - Cobalt.

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In the periodic table the PA stand for proactinium :)

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Q: What does PA stand for in the periodic table?
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