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processor control number

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I am by no means a technical expert on the subject, but I will give the basic information that I have learned by working in numerous pharmacies. Rx "BIN" refers to Bank Identification Number, which basically routes electronic pharmacy insurance claims in the right general direction. Rx "PCN" refers to Processor Control Number, which more specifically directs the electronic pharmacy claims. I'll give a generalized example. When I am setting up my computer system to bill a new insurance, I must first add the BIN, which is a six digit numerical code. There may be many different companies using the same BIN, though; so I then add the PCN to specify exactly how I want the claim to be billed electronically. The PCN does not have a consistent format. I've seen everything from eight digit numerical codes to a single letter and number put together. When someone drops off an insurance card at a pharmacy, these are some of the things for which the technicians will search. Unfortunately, there is no standardization among cards, and not all insurance companies have the decency to print the BIN or PCN on the card. This is why some people have more problems than others when trying to get their insurance cards to work at the pharmacy.

Pls give me fulform of pcn

PenicillinPCN usually means Primary Care NetworkDepending on how it is used, it is the medical abbreviation of penicillin, or it could bePrimary Care Network.

The BIN, PCN and Group numbers are there to route pharmacy claims to your pharmacy benefit manager. Many insurance companies contract with another company to manage their pharmacy benefits. The main reason for this is that, as you can imagine, the pharmaceuticals industry is mind-blowingly complex, to the point that it makes more sense for an insurance to pay a specialized company to manage it rather than to try and manage it themselves. Back to your question, though, those numbers on your card tell the doctor or pharmacist where to route electronic queries when they're trying to figure out whether you're covered for a drug. It's kind of like an e-mail address for your drug plan.

I means Preventative Visit and the copay is $20.00.

usually you just go to your insurance companies website and print a proof of insurance card

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the main difference is the employee nationality policy differences to both TCN & PCN working ability of people of TCN PCN varies then payment in form of compensation vary comensation sense vary from PCN to TCN

Call an insurance agency.

Pimco Corporate & Income Stategy Fund (PCN)had its IPO in 2001.

An EHIC card is a European health insurance card

No, there is no such thing an an "insurance card" in Massachusetts. The insurance information is on the registration, you can't get the registration without it.

Where is the provider name and number found on my insurance card

There are a number of places one can acquire an auto insurance card. One can get them from companies including 'Allstate', 'TD Insurance' and 'Mercury Insurance'.

As of July 2014, the market cap for Pimco Corporate & Income Stategy Fund (PCN) is $635,818,638.18.

The subscriber on a insurance card is the person or company of which the bill is sent to. The subscriber may have many people on one insurance policy.

In order to replace your lost insurance card you will need to contact your insurance company. Their contact information is typically found on the back of the card, but if the card has been lost, it is probably best to go the insurance company's home page to get their contact number.

If you have dental insurance and expect to use it at a dentist, you need to present the card so that they can get the information off of it to bill your insurance company. If you cannot present the card, they are unable to get the information they need.

US auto insurance will cover you in Canada only if you get a card from your insurance agent authorizing the coverage. This card is free. Ask your agent about how long the card is good for.

I am unsure what a Yellow insurance card is. As a Canadian motorist I must have my vehicle insured and have proof of insurance in the car. The paper is pink.

It should be "Please find attached my husband's insurance card".

PCN is an acronym for 74 organizations. The Free Dictionary lists all of them. Some examples are Pacific Coast News, Personal Computer Network, and Product Control Number.

what does mean marine insurance

If you applied for the child's Social Security card at the hospital, it will take approximately six weeks for you to receive the card in the mail. If you applied for the card later, it could take as long as twelve weeks to arrive. More information: If you mean an insurance card, contact your medical insurance company or, if on Medicaid, your Public Assistance office, for information.

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