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What does PVA stand for?

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poly vinyl acetate

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What does pva stand for in pva glue?

Poly-Vinyl Acetate

What does PVA glue stand for?

Polyvinyl Acetate

What dose PVA stand for?

PVA is the abbreviation for Poly Vinyl Acetate and is an adhesive used for many things

What does PVA stand for in painting?

It is polyvinyl acetate, a polymer used in wood glues. In PVA paints, it is more often VAE (vinyl acetate ethylene), which is a copolymer of PVA.

What does the stock abbreviation PVA stand for?

The abbreviation PVA can stand for many things such as Polyvinyl acetate, Portal vein arterialization, or Pressure volume area depending on the context it is used in.

What does the pva stand for?

There is probably more than one answer for this. One is: Polyvinyl Acetate

How-to make sweetcorn pva friendly?

You can make sweetcorn PVA friendly by not putting it in PVA bags!

What are ingredients of fevicol?

Actually it is a PVA glue. PVA stands for Polyvinyl Acetate.

How do you make PVA?

you get pva glue and let it dry

Is PVA the same as white glue?

no pva is more stronger

Can pva glue burn your skin?

No, PVA can not burn your skin.

Why pva is use on drywall?

PVA is not commonly used on drywall.

Is PVA in wallpaper adhesive?

No, PVA is not usually in wallpaper adhesive.

Formulation of PVA in paint?

I need the formulation for Industrial PVA paint

Is PVA glue temporary?

No, if hardened properly PVA is a permanent glue.

Can pva glue stick to clay?

Yes, PVA glue will stick to clay.

Why do you use pva when gluing a stairecase?

Because PVA is the appropriate glue for wood.

Are birds allowed to have PVA glue?

PVA glue will probably make them sick.

Is elmers glue the same as pva glue?

Elmer's Glue is made from PVA.

Can pva glue be used on wood?

Yes, PVA glues can be used on wood.

What material does PVA normally glue?

PVA is for gluing, paper, card and wood.

Is PVA glue the same as Elmer's glue?

Elmer's white glue is a PVA.

What is stronger than PVA glue?

It depends on the glue and what it's used for. Many glues are stronger than PVA, but may not be suitable on wood as PVA is.

What is stronger PVA glue or Nalis?

PVA glue can be stronger if properly applied and clamped.

What can pva glue be used for?

PVA glues are used for joining paper, card and wood.