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What does Permanent Stationary Mean?

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If you are referring to "Permanent and Stationary," in it's simplest form it means "unchanging." However, this term is used within a variety of areas to include, the medical field, for dictionary use, business/corporate sectors(workmen's compensation), science, etc. to mention a few. Viper1

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Were the Iroquois nomadic or did they live in permanent settlements?

The Iriqouis are not nomads they are stationary.

What is stationary position?

Stationary mean "not moving" so it must mean the the position is not moving or stay the same place.

What does stationary mean in physics?

In any field, stationary means unmoving and won't be moving.

Can you copyright the design of a racetrack?

The US Copyright Office limits protection in architectural works to "structures that are habitable by humans and intended to be both permanent and stationary, such as houses and office buildings and other permanent and stationary structures designed for human occupancy," so a literal reading of that would mean the grandstand could be protected but the track itself couldn't.The design of the track, as a drawing, could be protected as visual art.

What is the stationary of electric charge?

There is no such thing.If you mean, what is a stationary electric charge, that is normally called static electricity.

How do you say stationary shop in French?

A stationary shop isn't going anywhere! I think you mean a stationery shop :-

What does static mean?

static - stationary, standing, not moving

What is the opposit stationary?

Here are some words that mean the opposite of stationary: active, mobile, moving, restless, unfixed, unsteady.

Can you use the word stationery in a sentence?

Stationary has a couple of meanings. it can mean not moving, or a type of letter paper. " John, go buy me some stationary so i can write to your uncle" or " That fridge is stationary"

What does static mean in a dictonary?

Static means 'stationary', or 'not moving'.

What does the term stationary mean in an science experiment?

None movement.

How do earphones use electromagnets?

They dont. They use a stationary permanent magnet, as a loudspeaker does. Ellectrostatic loudspeakers and earphones don't have any type of magnet.

What does semi permanent mean?

partly permanent, wont be there for too long x

What does permanent mean in science?

Not temporary.

What does manent mean?

They stay / They remain We get the word 'permanent' from 'manent', because that which is permanent stays in place.

What is stationary friction?

stationary friction is when friction is happening on an object that is stationary.(STATIONARY MEANS STAYS STILL, OR NO MOVEMENT)

What is non permanent ice mean?

its not always there

What is a sentence for stationary?

Stationary means unmoving. A stationary target is easier to hit. He remained stationary after the train stopped moving.

Why is current in field winding of rotating electrical machines always dc?

Because with DC stationary field w.r.t. rotor can be easily created,and permanent pole can be created.

Do I need to show a return ticket at customs when traveling to the USA?

Yes, you must have that return ticket,unless you are a permanent resident or a citizen of the United States . As a tourist ,yes ,otherwise they are not going to give you the stationary visa .Regardles of your pasport visa you are coming with ,at the border, they are giving you a stationary one.

How do you write stationary in a sentence?

He remained stationary for hours. Stationary targets are easier to hit.

What does permanent relationship mean?

A permanent relationship is one that both partners intend to make last for the rest of their lives.

Could you make a generator by mounting permanent magnets on a rotating shaft and keeping the coil stationary?

Yes, only relative motion between the coil and the magnetic field is important.

What does persistant mean?

It is persistent and it means continuing or permanent

What does transiet mean?

not lasting, enduring, or permanent; transitory.