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the literal translation of Praetio prudentia prestat is Wisdom Is Beyond Price which I think is the motto of the Lewis pipe band

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it means- The price of wisdom is better. - that wisdom really is wisdom. Priceless and free.

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wisdom excels price

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Q: What does Pretio Prudentia Praestat mean?
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What does prudentia mean?

[Prudentia] is [discretion]. A man who shows prudentia knows what his duties and powers are, and does not exceed them. He does his duty without becoming either bossy or officious.

What does prudential mean in latin?

"Prudentia" in Latin means intelligence or wisdom

What does fato prudentia major mean?

Prudence is greater than fate.

When was Jocara prudentia created?

Jocara prudentia was created in 1925.

Nullum numen abest si sit prudentia?


What is Cavan's motto?

The motto of Cavan is 'Fortitudine et Prudentia'.

Latin word for wisdom?

two words can be used, prudentia and consilium

What does the Latin motto 'Fata prudentia major' mean in English?

The correct form of the quotation, which comes from the Georgics of Virgil (P. Vergilius Maro) is fato prudentia major. By itself, this can be translated "understanding [is] greater than fate", taking fato as the ablative of comparison.In context, though, it is apparent that fato is in fact an ablative of cause:haud equidem credo, quia sit divinitus illisingenium aut rerum fato prudentia majornot, indeed, that I think that they have from heavena natural wit, or by fate a greater understanding of things

What is Richardson High School's motto?

Richardson High School's motto is 'Scientia Cum Prudentia'.

What is the motto of York Mills Collegiate Institute?

The motto of York Mills Collegiate Institute is 'Labore et prudentia'.

Do anyone know a Latin or English boy baby name with the meaning Genius Knowledgeable Wise Wisdom etc or a similar meaning?

sapientia, prudentia, consilium would you want to call a child any of those?!

What services does Prudential Insurance provide in the UK?

Prudentia Insurance UK provides the following services: pension, annuities, investments ISAs, bonds, open-ended Investment companies, insurance- auto, home, private health, travel.