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to bring the group back into line:)

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What three things do the boys decide at there first meeting in Lord Of The Flies?

One of the first things that they decide on it that Ralph should be their chief. Ralph then appoints Jack to be in charge of the former choir and asks him to decide what they should be. Jack decides that they should be hunters. Finally Ralph says that they need to decide if they are on an island or not. He then chooses to take Jack and Simon with him on an expedition to find out.

When the meeting breaks up what does Piggy suggest Ralph do to bring the meeting back to order?

He suggest that ralph blows the conch.

Why does Ralph call a meeting?

Ralph calls several meetings or assemblies over the course of the novel, which meeting in particular are you refering too?

What do Ralph and piggy decide do after they get attacked?

piggy and ralph decide to go over there and comfort them and get piggys glasses back.

Who blows the conch at the meeting calls?

Ralph blows the conch every meeting

The meeting breaks up in a scatter of noise and excitment what does piggy suggest Ralph do to bring the meeting back to order?

He tells Ralph to blow the conch

How does Ralph use the conch?

Ralph uses the conch to blow in and call other in for a meeting that they had

What was the meeting for when Julius Caesar was killed?

The meeting was held to decide the leader.

What time of day did Ralph unwisely gather the group?

Ralph unwisely calls a meeting at night.

How did Ralph call the first meeting in Lord of the Flies?

With the Conch

How does Ralph have order in Lord of the Flies?

The boys Elected Ralph Chief after meeting at the platform at the begining of the book. This is when they realize it was Ralph who blew the shell and called them there.

How was jacks attitude towards Ralph changed at the meeting?

During the meeting Jack keeps on popping the biggest boner when he makes eye contact with Ralph, expressing the homosexuality of the young boys of England.

Lord of the Flies Chapter 8 Why does Ralph take his group to the platform...What problem is Ralph having at this meeting?


Who were the last group of boys to reach the meeting?

samneric and jack and ralph

What decisions are made at the meeting held the first evening in lord of the flies?

The boys in â??The Lord of Fliesâ?? decide on their officers and committees in the first meeting on the island. Ralph was elected Chief and Jack was chosen to be in charge of the hunting party. Piggy is charged with getting all the boysâ?? names.

What type of meeting is Ralph intending to call in lord of the flies chapter 5?

Meeting of the strong and bird and bird and nick

What was the meeting to decide what to do after Napoleon was defeated?

The Congress of Vienna.

Where in the book is Ralph elected chief?

Ralph is elected chief during the very first meeting, which happens very early in the book.

In lord of the flies why is Simon the only one to doubt the existence of a beast?

Simon was not the only one who doubted the existence of the beast. At the meeting where the beastie was first raised Ralph insisted, "But there is no beast." Ralph also called another meeting to settle once and for all that there was no such thing as a beast. At that meeting Piggy also refuted the possibility of a beast by stating that "Things wouldn't work, radios and TV and things, they wouldn't make sense if there were beasts and ghosts and stuff, its not scientific." After Ralph called for a vote to decide if there might be such a thing as the beast Piggy stated, "And remember that I voted NO for the beast."

Lord of the flies how did Ralph call the first meeting?

by blowing the conch shell

In Lord of the Flies how does Ralph respond to Piggy's practical suggestions to have a meeting?

he laughs

What does this meeting say about how Ralph is changing in chapter 5 of Lord of the Flies?

The meeting that Ralph has in Chapter 5 of Lord of Flies says that he has decided to become more civilized. He also decides that he no longer wants to lead the group.

What do Ralph Piggy and Samneric decide about the fire?

They decide to let the fire go out at night and light it again in the morning

What is the correct procedure to run a public meeting?

The correct way to run a public meeting is to first decide a destination. You must also have a facilitator for the meeting.

What is a word for coming together?

Mutual bliss or meeting, you decide.