What does SMW stand for?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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I think it is Super Mario World.. but I'm not sure! :/
Super Mario World

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Q: What does SMW stand for?
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How do you select a random character in smw?

* IDK WHATS SMW????? SMW means Super Mario World

When was SMW-AUTOBLOK created?

SMW-AUTOBLOK was created in 1993.

What is the population of SMW-AUTOBLOK?

SMW-AUTOBLOK's population is 2,008.

What is SMW-AUTOBLOK's population?

The population of SMW-AUTOBLOK is 450.

What does smw mean in texting?

SMW means Shaking my weave

Where to download Mario World Reconfigurator?

at SMW Central

Who is the biggest noob in 7a smw?

Dominic pisciatto (the tall one)

Gunnar nelson's friends' Myspace is wwwmyspacecomcitromsmw?

No. "smw" is Susan Martin Whitmore in the end of the link.

What is the Jeydon Wale video on YouTube with hunter called when he talks about school?

It's called SMW.

How do you put a SMW rom hack online?

Make it an IPS file, then upload it to a file hoasting site.

How do you play as Mario on Pokemon?

hack it or use an emulator and rom, like smw and lunar magicactually u cant

Was Brian Lee a wrestler?

Yes he was. He wrestled in the SMW, ECW, WWF as the fake "Undertaker;" a very gifted wrestler.