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The abbreviation "SS"
  • S.S. in front of the name of a ship stands for Steamship.
  • SS is often used in the US as an abbreviation for social security.
  • SS in the context of the Holocaust and World War 2 stands for Schutzstaffel which, translated literally, means Protective Squad. (Orginally, it provided bodyguards for leading Nazis). As the literal translation conveys just about nothing to people who don't already know what it was, it is common to refer to it in English simply as the SS. It was the SS that was in charge of the Holocaust.

    The Nazis regarded the SS as an elite unit, the Party's "praetorian guard", with all SS personnel selected (in principle, anyway) on the principles of racial purity and unconditional loyalty to F├╝hrer and the Nazi Party.

    The SS military branch, the Waffen-SS, evolved into a second German army in addition to the regular German army, the Wehrmacht.
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Why was the SS feared?

The SS was feared because they cheated. They rubbed blood on themselves and played dead. Then got up and shot soldiers when they past. They were just bullies and they were not very good fighters.. There are two distinct facets to the question. Firstly the SS were the secret police who administered ( Full Answer )

What was the SS?

SS stands for Schutzstaffel (which literally means 'protective squadron'). It was first formed in 1923 as a unit of the the Nazi paramilitary SA ( Sturmabteilung - Stormtroopers ) and did not become fully independent till 1934. The original task of the SS was to act as bodyguards for senior Nazis, ( Full Answer )

What does SS on Navy Ships stand for?

SS is short for Steam Ship and used on civilian ships. NS would be Nuclear Ship and there was at least one civilian nuclear powered vessel. US Navy ships carry the prefix of USS for United States Ship. British Navy ships have HMS for Her Majesty's Ship.

Who are the SS?

An elite quasi-military unit of the Nazi party that served as Hitler's personal guard and as a special security force in Germany and the occupied countries.. [German, abbr. for Schutzstaffel : Schutz , defense + Staffel , echelon .] or Noun 1. SS - the United States intelligence ( Full Answer )

What does ss stand for before a boat name?

SteamShip. This meant the boat or ship was powered by a steam engine rather than sails. In modern times it can still refer to a steam tubine, though it is often misused to simply indicate "non-sailboat"

What are ss units?

SS units were volunteer troops with particularly strong commitments to Nazi ideology. I just looked that up, too.

What does the ss stand for in the ss minnow?

SS stands for Steam Ship but the minnow was powered by diesel motor and should have had the prefix MV (marine vessel or motorized vessel) however the producers initials were S.S and that is my personal theore as to where it came from, as Minnow came from Minow the head of the FCC

What does the ss stand for before a church name?

"SS" in a church name stands for "Saints" in the plural like "SSPeter and Paul." It does not refer to steamship or to the NaziIntelligence/security agency or the Waffen-SS.

What does SS on a ship stand for?

SS is short for Steam Ship and used on civilian ships. NS would be Nuclear Ship and there was at least one civilian nuclear powered vessel. USS is a prefix designation for a military ships that stand for "United States Ship". HMS is a prefix designation for a British ships that stand for "H ( Full Answer )

What does SS stand for on cars?

normaly it stands or super sport but not always. \n. but you should just think it means super sport

What does SS stand for in legal documents?

What does the "ss" stand for on the Venue? . s.s. is the latin word "Scilicet" meaning "in particular" or "namely".. What is a Venue? . The definition of Venue is "The clause in an affidavit naming the locality where it was made and sworn to".

What does Waffen SS stand for?

SS is the abbreviation for Schutzstaffel (protective squadron, in the sense of bodyguard).The Waffen-SS (armed SS) was the combat arm of the SS, an organ of the Nazi Party. The Waffen-SS saw action throughout World War II and grew from three regiments to over 38 divisions. It served alongsi ( Full Answer )

What do the initials SS stand for in World War 2?

SS is short for Schutzstaffel , which, according to the dictionary, is German for "protective shield". Formed originally as a bodyguard for Adolf Hitler and other Nazi leaders. During the 1930s, Hitler steadily expanded the responsibilities of the SS to include the suppression of his political oppo ( Full Answer )

What does German SS stand for in World War 2?

Schultzstaffel commonly referred to as SS due to the Sig runes worn on the collar, but they were also identified by the sleeve eagle on their left arm instead of the breast eagle that was worn on the right chest by the Wehrmacht.

What does SS stand for in cricket?

SS is a company manufacturing cricket equipments, predominantly based in India. SS stands for Sai sai. Many of the present Indian players have used SS bats before shifting to sponsored-bats.

What does 'SS' stand for in 'SS US'?

SS = Steam Ship, HMS = His Majesties Ship, RMS = Royal Mail Ship, MV = Motor Vessel, RV = Research Vessel, NS = Nuclear Ship

What is the genotype for Ss Ss ss ss?

You cannot do a cross to determine the genotypes of individualsbecause there is only one gene here. Genotype consists of theentire genetic makeup of the individual, which cannot be determinedby a single gene. Only the alleles S or s is used to express thisparticular gene. If you're looking for a mon ( Full Answer )

Where is the ss hato?

Right now it is under the sea because it sunk but before it sunk it was at Miam but in the cay it was at the island of Couacao

How do you get jirachi ss?

If you have wifi you can get it via mystery gift wifi and you will get a SMR2010 jirachi. its from June 26 to July 16. if you miss it i will trade you a GAMESTP Jirachi over wifi.

What does waffen stand for in waffen ss?

Waffen means weapons. Waffen-SS usually hyphenated was the armed militarized segment of the SS. Three of the top divisions were on a par with regular Army Armored divisions- but only Three- Liebstandarte, Das Reich, and Totenkopf. The Totenkopf- Death"s Head was a full-up Panzer division and was cal ( Full Answer )

How do you get Rayquaza in ss?

If you have heartgold, catch kyogre then trade someone for their groudon so you have both. Go see Prof. Oak in Pallet Town and he will give you the Jade orb. Go back to the embedded tower and rayquaza will be there

How do you get a bicycle in ss?

If your looking to make a geared bike into a single speed you should get a SS converter kit, and have 1 chainring on the front

What does minor league baseball SS stand for?

In terms of how a professional, minor league baseball franchise is designated, "SS" stands for "Short Season". This is due to the abbreviated season these type of minor league teams take part in. When referring to position abbreviations in baseball, "SS" means Short Stop. The defensive position o ( Full Answer )

What is a ss in football?

Strong Safety, the defensive back who covers the strong side of the field (i.e., the side where the tight end lines up). The player assists both in stopping the run as well as covering receivers.

What is the ss gestapo?

the Gestapo was the party police force and the SS were the party para-military (army) force.

What does csc ss in the navy stand for?

The designation of CS stands for Culinary Specialist (the Navy's new fancy term for the old Mess Management Specialist). The C after CS refers to the sailor's rank, which is Chief Petty Officer (E-7). The SS is the Submarine Warfare designation for sailors who are currently Qualified in Submarines. ( Full Answer )

What were the responsibilities of the SS?

The SS were helping the war. They were supposed to gather things that were needed for the war like furniture, blankets, and other supplies that the troops needed. Although the the SS mainly took those from the Jews.

Were there criminals in the SS?

It really depends on what your definition of a criminal is; after the war the SS was declared a criminal organisation, so they were all criminals. But yes, for example the commandant of Auschwitz had spent time in prison.

What is SS 316?

Type 316 is an austenitic chromiumnickel stainless steel containing molybdenum. This addition increases general corrosion resistance, improves resistance to pitting from chloride ion solutions, and provides increased strength at elevated temperatures. Properties are similar to those of ( Full Answer )

What is a ss soldier?

he was a member of a very elite German military unit. he faught to the death.

What is a ss wage?

It stands for Social Security and generally refers to the amount of your wages that will be taxed for Social Security purposes.

What does ss means in Camaro ss?

It means super sport. RS stands for rally sport. They're not really different maybe a v6 vs a v8, but really just different trim levels.

What does ss in SS Gestapo mean?

Schutzstaffel- roughly protective staff or units. The Waffen-SS was in effect the fourth branch of the German armed forces, alongside the Army ( Heer), Navy ( Kriegsmarine) and Luftwaffe ( Air Force) the Nazis did not have a Marine corps or specific amphibious assault troops, by the way. Answer ( Full Answer )

What is ss theory?

Could you rephrase and resubmit your question. This cannot be answered the way it is written. Please be specific. This way you get the best answer possible.

What soes ss stand for and what was its aim?

SS stands for Schutzstaffel (German, lit: "Defense corps"). They were founded in 1934 originally as Hitler's protection unit, but eventually branched off into very specific tasks within the Reich. A few examples: Waffen-SS: Elite military force composed of conscripted men from conquered territor ( Full Answer )

What does ss mean in Essex ss?

SS is a Post Code Area in the UK, England, County of Essex. Itstands for Southend-on-Sea. . A Post Code Area is made of smaller Post Code Districts, eachrepresenting a town and its immediate environs.

Is the Holden vy 2002 2003 executive wagon Vin 6g1yk82a13l942459 an SS what does SS and Hsv actually stand for and what is -sp on your badge does that mean its an ss car has had badges removed?

SS is a trim package used throughout the range of General Motorsbrands. It stands for "Super Sport", and this is the "flagship"model of the vehicle range. HSV is "Holden Special Vehicles", and is the division of Holdenwhich concentrates on performance vehicles. I'm pretty sure we'vebeen over this al ( Full Answer )

What did the ss army stand for?

SS stands for Schutzstaffel , which is German for "ProtectionStaff". It was originally Nazi Party members who served as AdolfHitler's personal bodyguard. After Hitler took control of Germany,the SS took control of all police, intelligence, and securityagencies. The SS was also largely responsible f ( Full Answer )