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What does S L and LR mean on a rifle?

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It means the firearm can fire .22 Short, .22 Long, or .22 Long Rifle cartridges.

2006-07-27 03:48:01
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What is the age of a Marlin Model 81 NewHaven Conn s-l-lr?

This rifle was made from 1937 until 1965.

What is a 22 s l lr Is it just a 22 lr?

The weapon can fire 22 short, long or long rifle.

What do the letters L R R O mean on a Remington model 510 targetmaster?

Should be S L LR O for short, long, long rifle only

Were can you get a hammer for a 22 S-L-LR 22 rifle?

Need to know make & model of your .22

What year was the s45a 22 s-l-lr rifle made?

We need a hint- do you have the name of the maker?

Can a marlin model 80 s-l-lr shoot 22 magnums?

No! The .22 magnum is different dimensionally. Do not attempt to chamber a .22 Magnum in a rifle or handgun designated for .22 s,l or lr. In most cases the barrel of a rifle or handgun will indicate the chambering!

What is the age of a Ranger 22 S-L-LR Model 103-2 rifle plus what does the 2 mean?

No published sn data. Don't know.

Where can you find a removeable magazine for a rifle stamped Ranger 22 cal S-L-LR?

gun shop, gun show, pawn shop, want ad, nurmich

Who makes the ranger 22 s-L-LR model 103-2?

This rifle is the same as a Marlin model 80

What is the value of a 22 S-L-LR Ranger M34 single shot rifle in good condition?

50-100 USD

When was the 46B 22 s-l-lr rifle made and by who?

The MOSSBERG Model 46B was made between the years 1938 and 1945.

How old Winchester 22 model 9422 xtr 22 s-l-lr f516572?

your rifle was made in the year 1982.

Marlin model 101 s-l-l-r?

s.-l.-lr. stands for 22 short, 22 long and 22 long rifle this gun will shoot all three.

What would a Wards Western Field 22 rifle model number 04 m 497b 22 s-l-lr be worth?

What is a wards western field 22rifle model 04 m 497b 22 s-l-lr worth

Recently picked up a Ranger Model 36 s-l-lr ---probably Sears and manufactured by Marlin---but mine is a single-shot What is it?

The s-l-lr, Stands for Short, Long, Long Rifle. So it is a 22Cal.

Where can you find information on the Wards Western Field 22 cal SL-LR rifle?

Would need the model number. S-L-LR simply pertains to how the rifle is chambered. There is a model number on that gun somewhere.

Where can you find information about a Sears and Roebuck Model 41-103 19771 22 caliber s-l-lr?

The answer to your question can be found in Blue Book of Gun Values by S. P. Fjestad. Your rifle is a Marlin model 101.

What is the value of a Mossberg no.45a 22 s-l-lr?

About $175.

Where can you find a stock for a Ranger 22 S L LR Rifle?

Try They have the best selection of gun parts in the country.

What is the value of a Winchester Model 9422 s l lr serial no. f208765 rifle?

$300-$500, depending on condition

What is a 22 S-L-LR worth that is marked firearms int'l Washington DC?

On mine it says " cal .22 S-L-LR " which stands for .22 short, long or long rifle. The rifle should fire any of those three, but .22 shorts tend to carbon up the chamber if you don't clean it with a brass chamber brush.

How old is a Wards Western Field 22 rifle 22 S-L-LR?

We can't tell with a model number- then we MAY be able to give you a range of years. Sort of like asking how old is a Ford car.

How old is the mossberg 22 s-l-lr?

i have many mossbergs, s-l-lr is the 22 ammo the gun will accept. give me a model or kinda description and I'll give my best answer

Who made the 22 s l lr Ranger M36 single shot rifle?

Marlin Model 80A w/adj trigger.

What is the value of a 22 S L LR Ranger M34 single shot rifle in good condition?

No more than 100 USD