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Sabra means the same in English as in Swedish, a Jew born in the state of Israel.

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Q: What does Sabra mean in Swedish?
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What does sabra mean?

Sabra (Hebrew: צבר‎) is a term used to describe a native-born Israeli Jew.

What is a sabra?

A sabra is a native-born Israeli.

Which is the nationality of a sabra?

The nationality of a sabra is Israeli.

What does am mean Swedish?

"Am" as in "I am" is "är" in Swedish.

What is the birth name of Sabra de Shon?

Sabra de Shon's birth name is Sabra DeShon Vila.

What is the population of Sabra company?

The population of Sabra - company - is 300.

When was Sabra - company - created?

Sabra - company - was created in 1986.

When was Sabra Loomis born?

Sabra Loomis was born in 1938.

When did Wadih Sabra die?

Wadih Sabra died in 1952.

When was Wadih Sabra born?

Wadih Sabra was born in 1876.

When was Khalilah Sabra born?

Khalilah Sabra was born in 1967.

What does Ellie mean in Swedish?

Ellie is a name. It doesn't mean anything in Swedish.

What does du mean in Swedish?

Du means you in Swedish.

What does har mean in Swedish?

Har means has in Swedish.

What does herr mean in Swedish?

It means Mr in Swedish.

Who is Sabra Alder?

Sabra Alder is a girl that abuses high school students.

What does Neah mean in Swedish?

Neah doesn't mean anything in Swedish, but it might be a name?

What does Brian mean in Swedish?

It's an English name... It doesn't mean anything in Swedish.

What does Camilla mean in Swedish?

Camilla doesn't mean anything in Swedish, it's just a name (for women). It's not of Swedish origin.

What does Peeta mean in swedish?

Nothing, there's no such word in Swedish.

What does stad mean in Swedish?

"stad" means city in Swedish.

What does froken mean in Swedish?

Froken means Miss in Swedish.

What does dig mean in Swedish?

"dig" in swedish means "you" in english.

What do sรถt mean in swedish?

"Söt" means "cute" in Swedish.

What does dag in Swedish mean?

"Dag" means day in Swedish.