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Samantha doesn't mean anything in Latin because the name isn't Latin

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Q: What does Samantha mean in latin?
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What is the latin meaning of Samantha?

Samantha has no clear etymology, but it is most likely a feminine form of Samuel, which is a Semitic name. There would be no Latin analog.

What are the release dates for Samantha Brown Passport to Latin America - 2007 Belize?

Samantha Brown Passport to Latin America - 2007 Belize was released on: USA: 27 June 2007

What does Samantha mean in English?

Samantha means 'listener'

What does Samantha ramirez mean?

in Greek Samantha means flower

What does Samantha mean in Chinese?

Samantha isn't a Chinese name.

What doess Samantha mean?

She who listens. I should know! (my name is Samantha (: )

What does Samantha mean in different languages?

Samantha. But in Greek it means "Flower".

How do you say Samantha in latin?

Samantha is likely to be an English variation of the name Samuel, meaning "God heard" in Hebrew. However, the name Samantha does not retain this meaning because it is not a Hebrew name. Some Greek translations say the meaning of the name contains "flower." Samantha is a relatively new name, arising in the late 18th century and was popularised by the show "Bewitched." Therefore, the name does not have a Latin meaning.

Is Samantha Guthrie a chain smoker?

No, if you mean Savannah Guthrie. Not sure about Samantha however.

What does the name Samantha mean and what orgin is it?

Samantha means "God heard" and is of English origin.

What does Samantha mean?

Samantha is a female name, its origin is Aramaic And it means listener Today Samantha is the 9th most popular name in the country.listener

What does the name Samantha mean in Welsh?

Samantha is not a Welsh name; it is of Aramaic origin, and it means "Listener"