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Our Christmas holidays are practically identical to the French ones. We have both Saint Nicholas, which we celebrate on the 6th of December, and Father Christmas/Santa Clause, on the 25th, unlike most of our fellow Orthodox Christians. The latter keep the old Gregorian calender, so their Christmas is on January 7th.

We have some very very old Christmas carols, as well as several traditions regarding New Testament stories about the birth of Christ. An example of one such tradition, and one such story, is a sort of popular play about Herod, a carol sung on the morning of the 25th, dedicated to the Star that led the three Kings to the stable.

As for Saint Nicholas, he brings presents to good children. But he has sticks, and sometimes a raw onion, to naughty children. Whatever he brings are placed in the child's boots, which must be clean.

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Q: What does Santa do in Romania for Christmas?
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What cloths do they where in Romania on Christmas?

Beautiful clothes, of course. Last years, men usually wore Santa costumes.

Why is Christmas big in Romania?

Christmas is the most important day in Romania.

Who is Romania's Santa Claus?

In Romania this name is Crăciun.

Do people in Romania send letters to santa?

It is not usually in Romania.

When is Christmas in Romania?

Christmas in Romania is celebrated on the 25th of December,like in most other countries. :)

What does a Christmas tree have to do with Christmas?

It is related to Santa and Santa is related to Christmas.

What day do they celebrate Christmas in Romania?

The Christmas day in Romania is 25 December.

When does Santa arrive in Romania?

Yes he does.

Does Santa celebrate Christmas?

Yes, Santa celebrates Christmas.

What is Christmas in Romania?

The Romanian language equivalent of Christmas is Crăciun.

Is Christmas important in Romania?

not really

Why is Christmas important in Romania?

Christmas is probable the most important day for the religion in Romania; also is a traditional opportunity for great parties.