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There is nothing there other than a single item, TM11 (Sunny Day). The Scorched Slab represents Japanese Mythology, where Amaterasu the Sun God is said to be sealed. It is more of an Easter egg than an actual location.

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Q: What does Scorched Slab do in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?
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What is the purpose of the scorched slab in Pokemon Sapphire?

It's where you get TM11, Sunny Day.

What Pokemon is in the scorched slab?

There is no Pokémon in the Scorched Slab.

Where can you find Charizardite Y in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

In Scorched Slab on B2F, after you complete the Primal Kyogre or Primal Groudon narrative,you can obtain the Charizardite Y in the bottom left corner of the floor.

What is scorched slab in Pokemon emeraled?

it is where you get TM sunny day

Are there any Pokemon in the scorched slab?

No... There's no Pokemon inside the Scorched Slab... You wont find a single Pokemon inside on foot, and even fishing... The only thing you'll get there is a TM Sunny Day...

Pokemon sapphire can you find two sunny days?

Only 1 Sunny Day TM can be found in Sapphire, and you can find it on the Scorched Slab, which can be accessed by surfing in the North of Route 120 next to Fortree City

What do you do in the scorched slab in Pokemon Emerald?

nothing really just grab the item

What is in the scorched slab in emerald?

I believe the Scorched Slab is only in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time and Darkness. It allows you to go into a dungeon to find and possibly recruit Ho-oh.

What rare Pokemon is in the Scorched Slab?

The Scorched Slab does not have any rare Pokémon's or any Pokémon's inside. Once inside you obtain TM 11-Sunny Day.

Is there rare Pokemon in the scorched slab in Pokemon emerald?

Scorched Slab was only included to be the resting place of the TM Sunny day, which is probably where it's name comes from. But you can fish up Marill, if you consider thoose rare.

How do you get TM 11 in Pokemon emerald?

its in the scorched slab, you can reach it by surfing north of route 120, fortree city, in an indented lake

What does scorched slab do in emerald?

scorches your enemy an works mostly on rock an grass

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