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What does Scorched Slab do in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?

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There is nothing there other than a single item, TM11 (Sunny Day). The Scorched Slab represents Japanese Mythology, where Amaterasu the Sun God is said to be sealed. It is more of an Easter egg than an actual location.

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What is the purpose of the scorched slab in Pokemon Sapphire?

It's where you get TM11, Sunny Day.

What Pokemon is in the scorched slab?

There is no Pokémon in the Scorched Slab.

Where can you find Charizardite Y in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

In Scorched Slab on B2F, after you complete the Primal Kyogre or Primal Groudon narrative,you can obtain the Charizardite Y in the bottom left corner of the floor.

What is the scorched slab in Pokemon emerald?

Scorched Slab is a secret area near Fortree City but nobody knows what it does P.S. its in the lake in route 120

Are there any Pokemon in the scorched slab?

No... There's no Pokemon inside the Scorched Slab... You wont find a single Pokemon inside on foot, and even fishing... The only thing you'll get there is a TM Sunny Day...

What is scorched slab in Pokemon emeraled?

it is where you get TM sunny day

Pokemon sapphire can you find two sunny days?

Only 1 Sunny Day TM can be found in Sapphire, and you can find it on the Scorched Slab, which can be accessed by surfing in the North of Route 120 next to Fortree City

What is in the scorched slab in emerald?

I believe the Scorched Slab is only in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time and Darkness. It allows you to go into a dungeon to find and possibly recruit Ho-oh.

What do you do in the scorched slab in Pokemon Emerald?

nothing really just grab the item

Where is scorched slab in Pokemon emerald?

Actually, there are no Pokemon at all in The Scorched Slab. Just TM11. It is at the top and route 120, in the water. (Surf on the first pond on route 120 from Fortree.) All you need to get there is HM04 (Surf).

What rare Pokemon is in the Scorched Slab?

The Scorched Slab does not have any rare Pokémon's or any Pokémon's inside. Once inside you obtain TM 11-Sunny Day.

Is there rare Pokemon in the scorched slab in Pokemon emerald?

Scorched Slab was only included to be the resting place of the TM Sunny day, which is probably where it's name comes from. But you can fish up Marill, if you consider thoose rare.

Where do you find sunny day in Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

You can find Sunny day (TM11) in Scorched Slab, this is a small cave found in Hoenn. It can be accessed by surfing in the north of Rout 120, next to Fortree City, in a indented lake.

Where do you find salamander in Pokemon Sapphire?

a what? if yo mean salamence you have to catch a bagon in the scorched slab at the very back of meteor falls level it up to evolve into a shelgon at lvl30 then level up to level 50 and evolve it...then you will have a salamence... if you mean a charmander beat fire red /leaf green obtain the ruby and sapphire stones and bringthem to celio in the Pokemon center on one island. this will thenallow you to trade to the hoenn region

Where is sunny day in Pokemon Emerald?

The Scorched Slab. You can access it by surfing in the North of Route 120 next to Fortree City.

How do you get TM 11 in Pokemon emerald?

its in the scorched slab, you can reach it by surfing north of route 120, fortree city, in an indented lake

Is the TM Sunny Day in Pokemon Emerald?

Yes, the TM Sunny Day is in Pokemon Emerald. You can find it in a cave in the middle of the lake in Route 120 called Scorched Slab.

How do you get to lavarige town in pokemon saphire?

go up to mount chimney and when u get to the top, go down the scorched slab and when u get to the bottom u will be in lavarige

What does scorched slab do in emerald?

scorches your enemy an works mostly on rock an grass

How do you catch the three legendary golems Pokemon sapphire?

complete the sealed chamber puzzle in route 134 ? (maybe) then the caves will open in the desert near lavaridge town, the island cave upper left of dewford town and the other cave between fortree city to lilycove town (near scorched slab)

How do you get the secret sab in Pokemon mystery dugeon?

you must be getting it messed up with Pokemon ruby version. there is no secret slab in Pokemon mystery dungeon. at least in red or blue.

How do you get the TM sunny day in sapphire?

To get TM Sunny Day, you must walk east of Fortree City, and there should be a lake. Surf on the lake and head south. You will eventually reach a cave called the Scorched Slab. Head up and there is the Technical Machine Sunny Day.

What is the secret slab on Pokemon explorers of time?

The secret slab enables you to meet legendary Pokemon after you reach the marine resort.

How do you get a secret slab in Pokemon explorers of darkness?

look it up on google ("pokemon explorers of darkness secret slab") and enter it on the main menu

How do you get secret slab in Pokemon sky?

You can get the secret slab in a mission on the mission board. (Not the outlaw board)