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earths core is made of iron


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The Earth's inner core consists of solid nickel and iron and the outer core consists of molten nickel and iron. Bother metals are magnetic.

The inner core & outer core of Earth is believed to be composed of 80% iron along with nickel and lighter elements.

The Core (inner core ,outer core)The Mantle (consists of magma)The Crust (on which the continents and oceans lie)

the earth freezers layers after density stratification which consists of the core, mantle, and crust

No. The outer core surrounds the inner core. The lithosphere is at the top. It consists of the crust and the rigid uppermost part of the mantle.

The Earth's interior consists of four distinct layers; the crust, the mantle, the outer core and the inner core.

The part of Earth which consists of liquid nickel and iron is the outer core.

the earth consists of 4 layersthe crust this is the area in which we inhabit on.the mantel which is made up on iron and nickel.outer coreinner corehope this helped!

The Inner Core, consists predominantly of solid Iron and Nickel.

The Inner Core, consists predominantly of solid Iron and Nickel.

There is the crust. Then the mantel which consists of the lithosphere, the asthenosphere, and the mesosphere. Then last there is the outer and inner core.

The center of the earth, known as the "inner core" is a solid sphere that consists of an iron-nickel alloy.

The very center of the Earth consists of the solid inner core (Ni-Fe alloy) and the liquid outer core (Ni, Fe) that spins and as a giant dynamo gives rise to the existence of the Earth magnetic field.

The earth's core consists of molten rock that has been cooling since it was superheated after the earth was impacted by the moon 4.5 billion years ago. Iron is the most prevalent element in the universe, and accounts for up to 80% of the earth's inner core.

The inner core is solid iron. The crust is solid, the mantle is relatively solid (but hot enough to be pliable), and the outer core is liquid.

the layer of the earth resposible for the earths magnetic field is the core which consists of the liquid core/outer core and the solid core/inner core. The outer core constitutes mainly of nickel, colbalt and iron. in the ouer core there are convectional currents and from physics we have that when a magnetic conductor is subjected to a veloctiy a voltage is created and this voltage leads to an electric current and this leads to a magnetic charge being generated. this leads to magnetism of the earth.

The layers of the Earth consist of the core, mantle, and crust. The layers are made up of many things including rocks and metals. The Earth consists of life, air, land, and water.

inner core mainly consists of iron, nickel and some lighter elements outer core mainly consists of iron, some nickel.

The Earths Core, consists mainly of Iron and Nickel.

Earth core consists primarily of molten rock, called Magma. It works as a kind of replacement for the solid crust, slowly absorbing and replacing it. When two continental plates collide, one is forced downwards towards the core to melt, the other is replacing the gap, this is the cause of earthquakes.

The center of the Earth is called the core. The core is in the center of the Earth.

The core is in the center of the Earth.

yes there is outer core in the earth

The interior of a rocky planet consists of a thin crust, a rocky mantle and a metallic core. Of course Mars, being significantly smaller than Earth, has had its mantle and core cool to the point of becoming totally solid; but they're still there, nonetheless.

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