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Q: What does The powerful alkali smell like?
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What does the odor of sodium smell like?

Sodium is an alkali metal and it has no odor. However, taking a piece of sodium nearer to the nose to examine the smell would be dangerous. Further, none of the alkali metals have a smell.

How to remove curry smell from apartment?

I suggest soaking the garment in hot, soapy water for say half an hour. If this does not work, then buy stain remover and soak it in that/wash in the washing machine. Vanish and Aerial Stain Remover is good.

Is NaOH an alkaline?

Yes, sodium hydroxide is a powerful alkali.

Is metal polish acid or alkali?

Alkaline. If you use 'Brasso' a commercially available brass polish, you can smell the ammonia. Hence it is alkaline.

What does cyclohexane smell like?

A very sharp smelling and bitter solvent. The smell is similar to petrol, but much more of a smell that punches you in the back of the throat. Performed an experiment with cyclohexane today, the smell is very powerful and can make some sensitive people gag =D

How do camachile protect themselves?

beacause of the powerful smell in side

What is pungent scent?

It has a powerful odor and sharply affects the sense of smell

Are banana acidic or alkali?

It's an Alkali. Most alkalis are slippery or like soap. Like a banana. Hehe... banana.

What are physical properties for alkali metals?

Alkali metals are powerful reducing agents, they give up one electron easily. They are extremely reactive.

What does the flowers of a yucca plant smell like?

Really powerful and sweet, like daffodils. It releases scent just as it gets dark.

Does Neptune smell like sulfur?

no it does not smell like that

What smell do girls like?

Smell like eggs