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It's a smiley face!!!

The x is for the eyes and the D is the mouth. It's like your saying"LOL" or " OMG no way


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Q: What does XD means on a text or comment?
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What does lbr mean in text talk?

LBR means lets be real. its ghetto talk, i know xD

What html element does not display text on the web page as seen in the web browser the comment graphic image or text?

You can use the comment tags to include text in your HTML code that will not be displayed in the browser. Here is how you do that: <!-- Comment Text -->.

What goes the text XD mean?

This means like you're happy turn your phone sideways to the right and it means like "OMG i can't believe it!" Or probably like when something is supposed to be funny. XD

How do you make a bebo comment underlied?

you put <u> before the text and then at the end of the text you put </u> then your comment will come out underlined

What do the dots in text messaging mean?

No comment!

Can someone intercept your text messages?

Can you intercept text messages NO! XD

What deos xd mean?

XD means smiling with your eyes closed. xd means sick. Just look at it side ways.

What the XD mean?

XD or xD is a smiling face. It means something is funny.

What does answering a text with three dots mean?

It means that the person has no answer, like saying no comment. Such as: Boy: "I eat pillows" Girl: "...". It can also be interpreted as "Ok?", this is usually said when a random comment is made.

What does nc mean in text talk?

no comment i think

A reference explanation or comment often placed below the text on a page or at the end of the text?


What does the text 'XD' mean?

The emoticon XD is someone laughing, or it means a big smile or grin. Tilt your head to the left and look at XD sideways. The X represents their eyes squinting with laughter, and the D is a open laughing mouth, e.g. saying 'Ha Ha!'

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