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What does Xi mean?

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October 26, 2009 7:45PM

For Upper Case Xi (Ξ)

* "Cascade Particles" in particle physics * "no change of state" in Z Notation. For Lower Case Xi (ξ)

* Extent of Reaction (Chemical Engineering) * Unchanging vectors * a parameter in a generalized Pareto distribution; * the symmetric function equation of the Riemann zeta function in mathematics, also known as the Riemann Xi function; * the damping factor in an RLC circuit; * a universal set in the set theory; * a number used in the error term of Newton-Cotes formulas that falls between a and b; * one of the two different polypeptide chains of the human embryonic hemoglobin types Hb-Portland (ξ2γ2) and Hb-Gower I (ξ2ε2); * the correlation function in astronomy; * frequency; * a small displacement in MHD plasma stability theory. (From Wikipedia)