What does a MacBook cost?

Updated: 12/3/2022
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Q: What does a MacBook cost?
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What macbook is the newest?

The Apple Macbook pro is the newest. This Apple Macbook cost 855 dollars.

How much does a MacBook cost after deferred interest?

That all depends on which macbook where you buy it and where you live.

How much does a MacBook cost?

The white Macbook costs 999$ The Macbook Aluminum with 2.0ghz processor costs 1299$ The Macbook Aluminum with 2.4ghz processor costs 1599$

What is the cost for a mediocre MacBook Laptop?

The cost of a mediocre Macbook laptop is $1400 for a brand new Macbook Pro or $999 for Macbook Air. One can also purchase used versions of this laptops for almost half of its retail price from Amazon and eBay.

How much does a Macbook Air Dock cost?


How much does a battery for a MacBook cost?

It depends on the particular battery, but most MacBook batteries are sold around $30.

How much does MacBook cost?

The original MacBook that was released in 2009 is not in production anymore, however it can be bought used on the internet for about $600. However, since the MacBook's release, many new variations of it have been released including the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, both of which are still being produced and updated and can be found on Apple's website for $1000-2200. (below)For The US You can buy a white macbook for $999, Macbook Pro $1199 and Macbook air $1499The Apple MacBook's price is at about $1,000-$1,400.The cost of a MacBook depends on the model selected and the options added.Check the Apple Store or an Authorized Apple Reseller.

Is a mac worth the cost?

YES! I have a white MacBook and i luv it!

What is the cost of MacBook 13 inch notebook?

The average cost of the Macbook 13 inch notebook is between one and two thousand USD. The pricing depends on the model and capabilities of the notebook.

What is the cost of MacBook?

1000 for the white one. the new white one.

How much do Macs cost?

The smallest mac (mac mini) costs about $599. However the Macbooks and Macbook Pros cost from about $1100 to $2499. The iMacs cost about $1499. The MacPros cost $2799.

Is a refurbished MacBook cost the same as a new MacBook?

No, a refurbished MacBook will cost less because it's not brand-new and has been used to some degree. Many budget shoppers like refurbished products because they are LIKE new but don't have the higher price tag.