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Babelfish translater allows a user to translate content from one language to another. There are two boxes on the webpage, one for putting in the content, and the other for the translated content.

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Q: What does a babelfish translator do?
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Japanese word for appetizer?

The Japanese word for appetizer, according to the translator BabelFish, is 前菜.

What internet companies allow one to translate Latin to English?

There are many online translation services available including BabelFish, Bing Translator and Google translate. Of these three services BabelFish and Google Translate both offer translation to and from Latin

What website can you find to translate English to kanji?

Try or babelfish. However, they are computer generated and are not perfect.

How do you say cant take no more in spanish?

You could try a translator like at "I cannot take any more" gives: No puedo tomar más

What is a good English to French translator?

I would use something like babelfish! It works quite well just type in the translation and your sentence! or Google translate

Is there a program where you type in English which translates it to Japanese?

You can try Google Translator or Babelfish --- those are two of the top translation websites.

How can you get your English translated to German when you email?

You can use an online translator like Google Translate or Yahoo Babelfish, but be very careful, because online translations are often incorrect, and may not make sense to a native speaker of the language. You might want to consider hiring or finding a real translator to help you.

Where can one find a reliable English to Irish translator?

There are a few good Irish translation websites. One of the most popular is known as Babelfish. It allows translations for a multitude of languages, including Irish to English.

Where can one find Japanese translation services?

To translate into Japanese, you can try a website like BabelFish, or even a simple app like Google Translate on an iphone. If looking for a translator you can find one by googling it.

How can you fix the Korean error message that brings me 2 an Asian site.I have windows 7 and do not use the computer geek words...?

Copy-Paste the error message into a translator, something like babelfish, and see what it says.

Where can you find a good online vietnamese to English translator?

See related links below for a good free online Vietnamese English translator.

How do you use babel fish to translate and send emails on yahoocom?

highlight your e-mail , in edit(toolbar) , click on copy...then go to the yahoo site for babelfish and back to edit and click on paste with your cursor in the translator box