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the bald eagle silly bandz looks like, well, a bald eagle. i love the that 1.

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Q: What does a bald eagle silly band look like?
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What do an the bald eagle smell like?

a bald eagle

How the bald eagle look like?

The bald eagle has a white head, a brown body, and a white tail.

What is a motorcycle silly band?

it is a silly band! Shaped like a motercycle...

What style of hair cut should I get?

bald its awesome like a bald eagle.

What eagle has the white head?

I think you mean the Black-Breasted Snake Eagle. they have yellow eyes but it depends of the light.

Why does the bald eagle like your nation?

beacause it is cool

Why didn't Abraham Lincoln like the bald eagle?

he did!

What is a typical day like for an bald eagle?

very bad because they are bald an no female eagles fancy them because they are bald.

What are bald eagle skin like?

they're skin is pink

What does the bald eagle's respiratory system look like?


Does a bald eagle eat at night or day?

The bald eagle is a daytime hunter, like most birds of prey. The owls replace the eagles and hawks after dark.

Is a bald eagle a one celled organism?

A one celled organism is something you see in a microscope like a virus. A bald eagle is a many celled organism.