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Could mean a few things, except on a wannabe IOMC cut. He just bought his at Wal Mart because he thought it'd look cool with his biker whip and bowie knife. The large safety pin originated from the military back in the WW2 days, they were used to keep large laundry bags closed. A lot of MCs were started by vets during that time and the pins have been used in MC culture to represent different things.

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It's an old school sign of respect when passing through someone elses territory. It means "Safe Passage, just passing through"
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If you see a safety pin on the front of a bikers jacket, no matter what club they are in, it means they are just passing through. This is something you see from old bikers and not so common anymore but was used when clubs or individuals would ride through another's territory to let the dominant club know that they were just passing through meant no harm and had no intentions on staying. This custom did originate from World War II with lots of stories as of why

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Q: What does a big safety pin on a biker jacket mean?
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