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They use a hammer,drills, and other stuff

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The Blacksmith would make houses and gardens using iron gates and other things.

A blacksmith is a person who works with metals. Therefor, some materals that a blacksmith might use are things such as copper, tin, steel, or any other types of metals he or she can melt to form new things.

they work on things to make and make stuff out of metal.

blacksmith didnt have any education... all they knew how to do was bulid and make things(: this is not a good answer coming from a 7th grader (:

They used hammers, an anvil, and a fire to sculpt and pound things like pots and pans out of metal. see: what did a colonial blacksmith make?

As you use your hands to make an object of Plasticine a blacksmith uses a hammer to shape the hot metal. As a blacksmith to test how I am going to forge something i will sometimes use a piece of Plasticine and use my hammer to shape it. Surprising enough hot metal and plasticine act very similar.

Blacksmith use to make cups for rich people make house shoes and make tool such as hammers anvils and chisels i am doing a report on this so i hope it helps you

blacksmith have been well paid and they worked with there jorney men or apprentice and to make weapons swords bend mmetal and lots of other things

Traditionally, a blacksmith.

A blacksmith works with things which are malleable when heated - so their property is malleability.

"I'd better take this to the blacksmith, it could use some repairs."

Another name for a blacksmith, is a metal smith. They work with metals, to shape them and create things.

he uses tools like hammers and chisels to make things out of metal. eg. knifes swords metal trays and alot more.

Use a VERY coarse file, like a blacksmith file that you can get from a feed store.

A person who makes things out of metal is a BLACKSMITH

A blacksmith heats and hammers iron into the shape and size required.

Go to a blacksmith forge, i like to use the one in Whiterun which is to the right of the main gate.

A blacksmith is a person who forges iron, or an informal term for a person who shoes horses. A blacksmith can also refer to a blackish fish of the Pacific coast.

Metal things, such as shaped steel or iron ornaments.

To make distant things closer they use a telescope, to make close things larger they use a sense or magnifying glass, to make very small things larger they use a microscope. to make incredibly small things clearer they use mathematics.

Blacksmith as in making Metals? Sure Ill sayok E.g When The Blacksmith Was Making My (Item's Name), I Felt Happy That My Friend Will like this Gift

Yes. They also make weapons and bits.

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