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Bumblebees need nectar and pollen to survive. But during the winter most die, mostly only the queen bee lives to start the new bumblebee colony next year.

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What is the verb. The bumblebee is on the flower?

The bumblebee is on the flower. The Verb is IS. If you need the past tense it would be "was". The bumblebee was on the flower.

How long does a bumblebee live?

A bumblebee lives no more than a year. The queen bumblebees are produced at the end of a season, then they overwinter and start a new colony the next season. The workers just survive for the season.

What is a bumblebee bat's food web?

Bumblebee bats are cannibalistic (bumblebee bats eat bumblebee bats). A bumblebee bat will also eat human children when they are sleeping. The only predator of the bumblebee bat is the manitee.

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How do you identify a bumblebee humming bird?

Click on the 'Bumblebee Hummingbird' link to see a picture of the Bumblebee Hummingbird.

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What is the difference between a bumblebee and a mower?

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How many legs does a bumblebee have?

A bumblebee has six legs, because it is an insect.

How tall is a bumblebee?

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Who would win Freddy vs bumblebee vs scream?


What is the wingspan of a bumblebee humming?

A bumblebee could have a wingspan of 1cm or about 0.39 in

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