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They all look slightly different (in color and shape) but the image linked to below will give you the general idea as to what they look like.

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Q: What does a butterfly pupa look like?
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What is a butterfly pupu?

The proper term is pupa. The butterfly pupa is the cocoon or the chrysalis that the butterfly creates to protect him during metamorphosis.

Is there a insect without a pupa stage?

yes there is many like the butterfly :)

What is a common name of a butterfly's pupa stage?

The common name of a butterfly's pupa stage is its cocoon stage. This is the part of the butterfly's life where they transform from a larva to a butterfly.

Do pupa of butterfly feed on leaves?

Nope. The pupa does not feed.

How long does a butterfly's pupa takes to become a butterfly?


What is a sentence for pupa?

The pupa is the stage of metamorphosis during which a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.

What is butterfly pupa called?

A chrysalis

What are the release dates for The Pupa Changes Into a Butterfly - 1908?

The Pupa Changes Into a Butterfly - 1908 was released on: USA: 13 June 1908

What is a baby butterfly called?

There is no such thing as a baby butterfly, they are born as adults. here is the way it works. A Butterfly lays eggs, these eggs hatch into caterpillar's, the caterpillars seal themselves into pupa or chrysalis inside of which they grow into an adult butterfly, when the time is right an adult butterfly breaks out of the pupa/chrysalis a lot like a chick coming from an egg and you have an adult butterfly ready to mate with other butterfly's that lay eggs once again. The closest thing to a baby butterfly will be the Caterpillar.

How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?

it goes in a pupa.

What is the name of a butterfly's resting stage?


What happens in a butterfly pupa?

it transforms into a liquid then slowly becomes a beautiful butterfly.