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they eat any healthy canary food, but they LOVE millet you can find all this at a pet store or you can ask the person you bought it from what they fed it

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Q: What does a canary eat?
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Can you substitute canary with cannelini beans?

As if youd eat canary eww

Can you feed canary food to budgies?

It depends on what you feed your canary because some times budgies don't eat certain canary foods as they are very fussy.

Do canary birds eat in groups?

because they are fighting for it

Does a canary eat a bird?

No. Canaries are seed eaters.

Is a canary a carnivore?

Not usually. They will eat insects during breeding

Why wont your canary eat your diahrea?

Canaries eat seeds. Diarrhea is definitely not in anyway seed like.

What food does a canary eat?

They eat generic bird food. You can buy it anywhere including grocery stores!

What food does a bullfinch eat?

wild bird mix or just plane canary seed

Why does your female canary eat so much?

Takes more energy to make them eggs!

Will a white canary breed with a green canary?

A White canary will breed with any colour canary but it is not a good idea to pair it to another White or White ground canary.

What is a sentence using the word canary?

That is not a Canary, mom! We wanted to see the Canary.

What part of speech is canary?

The word canary is a noun. A canary is a small bird.

What was the name of the cartoon cat who constantly tried to eat the canary called Tweety Pie?


Is there a birdseed that squirrels do not eat?

Nyger seed, millets, safflower, canary seed and canola seed

What does a mallards eat?

Mallards eat aquatic vegetation, from canary grass to algae. Any type of vegetable matter found in lakes and ponds.

What is a baby canary?

A Canary is a small yellow bird, a baby canary is this birds baby !

What does a canary symbolize?

Canary symbolizes joy, freedom and intellectual development. A flying canary symbolizes freedom or gossip and a caged canary means entrapment.

What is the birth name of David Canary?

David Canary's birth name is David Hoyt Canary.

What type of animal is a canary?

A canary is a bird.

What is the proper name of a baby canary?


What animal is named after canary island?

The Canary

What is the plural of canary?

The Plural of canary is Canaries.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Gullible Canary - 1942?

The cast of The Gullible Canary - 1942 includes: Sara Berner as Canary Wife Harry Lang as Canary

Which bird family does a canary belong?

a canary belongs to the finch family. they were originally from the canary islands in tenerife

Can you use the word canary in a sentence?

canary is not normal bird. canary can fly very high in the sky.