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The maximum or safe load limit or maximum safe amount of people in boat

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What does a boats capacity plate indicate?

The maximum number of persons and weight the boat should carry

What does a boat's capacity plate indicate?

The maximum number of persons and weight the boat should carry. (BE-13)

What does a boat capacity plate indicate?

It indicates the number of and combined weight of all gear the is safely allotted for a particular boat.

What type of boat must have capacity plate?

A 20 ft long or less boat must have a capacity plate.

What will happen to the capacity of a parallel plate capacitor in which a conductor plate is introduced?

it decreases...............

What is the Capacity of a copper cable?

You need to indicate the cable size to determine the current carrying capacity.

The term 'capacity' in a contract is used to?

indicate the legal power to give consent

What useful information can be found on a capacity plate?


What 3 pieces of information must be printed on a lift trucks capacity plate?

A lift trucks capacity plate must display the following :- trucks carrying capacity, load center distances and lift heights.

Where can you find the maximum horsepower for your boat?

On the capacity plate

Frequent earthquakes in an area may indicate?

Tectonic plate boundaries.

What does the presence of the sea floor spreading indicate?

a divergent plate boundary.

What would you use to measure the capacity of a bottle?

I think a plate

What type of plate boundaries do earthquakes form?

earthquakes indicate both convergent,divergent and transform fault plate boundaries

State the electrical unit used to indicate battery capacity?

The electrical unit used to indicate the capacity of a battery is the Amp-hour. This is a theroetical statement of how many amps the battery is capable of producing in one hour.

The approach plate will graphically indicate which type of ALS is located on that airfield?


What does a string of volcanoes usually indicate?

The ring of fire, or a tetonic plate is near

How do you get new boat capacity plate?

why did the vietnamese persecute french missionaries

Where can the capacity of the forklift readily be found?

on the data plate located on the forklift

What is the load capacity of 6mm thick chequered plate?

its 53 kg

How much weight can the plate tree safely hold?

This weight plate tree has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

What is the towing capacity of a Ford Transit?

Towing capacity of a ford transit is, simple look on your vin plate. look for gross train wt . this is your max towing capacity.

When do I need to renew my license plate?

Depending on where you live it may be different but typically there should be a sticker on you license plate that will indicate when you should renew it.

What information is usually found on the capacity plate in a boat?

Date and name of manufacturer . Horsepower limitations and capacity (people and gear in lbs)

What is plate bearing test to determine the bearing capacity of soil?

Plate load test is to find the bearing capacity and the settlement of the foundation. Description:: a test plate, square or circular in shape, are used. The plate is placed at the proposed level of the foundation and is subjected to incremental loading. Settlement at each increment of the loading is measured and a load-settlement curve is plotted. Bearing capacity and the settlement of the foundation are determined from the load-settlement curves.