What does a comdom do?

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It prevents pregnancy by blocking the seamen.

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Q: What does a comdom do?
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How do put a comdom on?

you stick the comdom in the ladies vigina (it's really painfull)

How can you put on a comdom for a girl?

The boy has to put his comdom on then he has to make the girl losse her vinginarty then slide it on the vigina

What was invented in 1834?

a comdom

Does a comdom work?


What is 250milimeters as meters?

it is a comdom

Movements in rugby?

wats a comdom ?

What happens if a comdom breaks?

you get prego!!

If you open a comdom from the night before can you get pregnant with sperm in it?


How can you prevent pregnancuy?

the man could wear a comdom.

Why do you have it?

so u have fell good and use a comdom please:)

What is the chance of a woman gettin pregnant without a comdom?


What brand of comdom is better?

why use protection it ruins the fun

Is Debby Ryan pregnant?

no lucky coel uesed a comdom

What is the graph between time period and radius of an atom?


Why is a comdom so important?

it helpes prevent the chick from gettin preg.

Can you get sick from a comdom inside of u?

well probably i don't know

Is sex better without a comdom?

Yes, but a lot more risky.

Are Biodegradable plastics-a myth or a reality?

frankilin it as a comdom on his small weiner

If you had the coil removed the day after the comdom broke at the end of a period can you get pregnant from this?

probably not

Who was Cleopatra VII and what did she accomplish?

Cleopatra was a mushca mole from Egypt and she invented the comdom

Name something you might accidently drop under the seat?

change lighter comdom

Your period came but it was late can you be pargent?

only if you've had sex and didnt use a comdom

How do you get a baby wearing a comdom?

there is a low failure rate but test paternity considering circumstances

How will you not get pregnant during sex?

You can wear a comdom you can find them in your local shops!!!! Hope i helped you byeXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Is silly bandz made out of comdom?

no, that is just a rumor. silly bandz are made out of dyed silicone.