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It's nearly impossible to have a credit score that low. I'd check with the credit bureaus and pay to see your credit score from one of the big three -- Equifax, Transunion or Experian.

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Monique's previous credit card balance is 199.26 and she has a monthly finance charge of 1.5 How much will the credit card company assess in finance charges on this balance

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Q: What does a credit score of a 23 mean?
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What does a 499 credit score mean?

bad credit

What does a credit score of 9003 mean?

Score not available due to lack of credit history.

What number is a score?

A credit score is a credit evaluation rating. The British use score to mean the number twenty, as well.

What does a 667 credit score mean?

I dont know what exactly 667 is but a credit score is rated on how good your credit/debit card use is, EG: your credit score is Good

What is a credit score of 642 mean?

Fair credit..not good not bad

What does a credit plus score of 9002 mean?

That you don't have established credit.

What is a 584 credit score mean?

560-619 credit score is very risky. So it is not a good score. At first you have to check why you have this type of score. Then you have to increase it. If your score is higher than 660, you will be considered a good credit risk.

What does an Equifax credit score of 746 mean?

It means your credit is in "Excellent Standing"

Is 980 a bad score?

a credit sore of 980 does this mean, I have bad credit??

What does a credit score of 690 mean?

it means good

What does having a high credit score mean?

A high credit score means that you have great credit. A high credit score of over seven hundred can help you get a better interest rate on a loans like mortgages.

What does a 9003 fico score mean?

Score not available due to lack of credit history.

What does a 775 transunion credit score mean?

A 775 score from Transunion is considered average.

Is 629 a bad credit score?

A credit score of 629 is not a very bad credit score, but it is not a great credit score. A great score will be 700 and above.

Is the credit score of 583 a good score?

583-619 is bad credit score in credit score range

What does a credit score of 9001 mean?

Account holder deceased

What does a 787 credit score mean?

Very low risk to lenders. (96.68 score rank).

Is 606 a good credit score?

The credit score 606 is not an overly great credit score. it is a fair credit score. Credit scores of 700 and above are considered great.

What does a 331 FICO score mean?

A 331 FICO score means in plain english---You have horrible credit. You can`t even get bubblegum on credit :P

What is a good range for a credit score?

Good credit score ranges between 680- 750 and above this range credit score is considered excellent. Check your credit score regularly to get an idea about your credit score regularly.

Is FICO score and credit score the same thing?


What is a bad credit score?

425 is a bad credit score.

How bad its 520 credit score?

This is a fair credit score.

Who checks your credit score?

The three credit score companies.

What does it mean to have credit?

If you have a credit that is not bad but you have to pay those credit within the particular time. When you apply for a loan for any purpose, the lender will look at your credit score to measure what kind of interest will chargeable for you. So credit score is important.