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The meaning is a compound with constant composition.

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No, Brick does not have a definite chemical composition.

Minerals have a definite chemical composition, are solid, are inorganic, are naturally occurring, and have a crystalline structure.

A constant composition of a chemical compound.

No. Minerals have definite chemical structures, but not rocks.

it means a naturally-occaring, inorganic solid that has a crystal structure and a definite chemical composition

The chemical composition of nonstoichiometric compounds do not respect the law of definite proportions.

it means that the chemical build up of the mineral never changes

It is a substance called an ionic compound. It has a definite chemical composition of NaCl. Mixtures do not have a definite chemical composition.

Items like H2O and CoC2 have a definite chemical composition, and require exact amount of particles to forma reaction. However; particles which are soluble in water do not have a definite chemical reaction.

Any particular isolated sample of a mixture has a definite chemical composition, but the general idea of a mixture, even of the same materials, implies variability in possible chemical composition.

Water, H2O, is a definitely a chemical composition. There are many many others!

Colon is an organ not a compound with definite composition.

A definite chemical composition

Clay does not have a chemical formula. It is a mixture and does not have a definite composition.

Definite chemical refers to a characteristic that a substance must possess to meet the definition of a mineral.

Yes, after the Law of definite proportions; but now it is clear that this law is not applicable to all known chemical compounds.

Fluorite is calcium difluoride - CaF2.

Calcite is calcium carbonate - CaCO3.

is a form of matter that has a definite composition and distinct properties.

Quartz is a solid compound from the earth's crust. Its chemical composition is SiO4 (silicon oxygen tetrahedra), and it has a definite crystal shape.

They have to be a solid, inorganic, have a definite chemical composition, made of crystals, and need to have a chemical compound

A mineral always contains certain elements in definite proportions.

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