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Q: What does a diamond ring with 18ksp marking mean?
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What does gdm 10k marking on a ring mean?

Gold and Diamond Mining

What does u with arrow threw it mean on a diamond ring?

A U with an arrow through it on a diamond ring does not have a significant meaning. It is most likely an engraving or marking of some kind.

What does 18kSP mean on a wedding ring?

i thnk it meens 18 carot gold i dont knw the SP sorry

What does MOI marking on a 14K diamond ring mean?

it means that your "diamond" ring is not actually a diamond, but a Moissanite ring! Moissanite is a alternative to diamonds. They're scientifically proven to have higher clarity than diamonds and the same scratch resistence. My engagement ring is moissanite and it's gorgeous!

What do 14d mean on a diamond ring mean?

Whatever marking you find on a ring marks the mounting, not the stone. The indicator 14d stamped in the metal may indicate a style, type or design.

What does zc marking on an diamond ring stand for?

Am led to believe it is zirconium

What does the marking CZ on a ring mean?

The marking CZ on a ring usually stands for "cubic zirconia," which is a popular diamond alternative used in jewelry. Cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone that closely resembles the look of a diamond but is less expensive.

What does pt 19 means on a diamond ring?

what does pt mean on diamond ring

What is the marking mean on a ring that is mark 14K cm?

means ring has 14 carat gold

What does ct mean in a diamond ring?

It refers to the weight of the diamond.

What does des on a ring mean?

Diamond Essence - simulated diamond

What does EFES marking on your gold ring mean?

It was stolen, recovered, then resold