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Female grasshoppers are bigger in size compared to the males. They have sharp points at the end of their abdomen. These are used for laying eggs underground.

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What is a female grasshopper called?

A female grasshopper is a called a female grasshopper. Thank you. Please hold the applause.

What does the Psychomastatix deserticola look like?

they look like a grasshopper!

What do female grasshoppers look like?

It is fairly easy to tell a female grasshopper from a male. The females are smaller than the males. Also, females have protrusions from the end of their abdomen, whereas the males do not.

Does a young grasshopper look like its adult?


What does a short horn grasshopper look like?

it is colorful

How do you tell a female grasshopper from a male grasshopper?

What does my grasshopper eat

What does a locust look like?

Like a big grasshopper - Google the image .

What does a grasshopper bite look like?

Grasshoppers do not bite, they are Veggitarian

Does female grasshopper eat the male grasshopper to give the nutrients to the young?


How do you make a 3d grasshopper model?

One way to make a 3D grasshopper model is to use a wooden clothespin. You can then decorate the clothespin to look like a grasshopper.

How do you find links in food chain?

You have to look at what eats what. Like the grasshopper eats grass, and the bird eats the grasshopper, and so on.

What does grasshopper poop look like?

It is small as a little pice of sand

Does Ariel like Annie?

look within yourself for the answer, youg grasshopper

How many Ovipositor does a grasshopper have if it was a female?

A female has two ovipositors.

Does a grasshopper take care of its young?

No the female grasshopper abandons their young and eats their mate.

Why do brown bears have brown cubs?

because they look like there parents. like a nmph and a grasshopper.

Why do the female grasshopper ate the male grasshopper after mating?

because the female thinks that the dad is going to kill the babies so they can mate again

What does the ovaries of a grasshopper do?

The ovaries in a grasshopper are a female reproductive organ. They house the fertilized eggs gained from sexual reproduction with another grasshopper.

What kind of grasshopper has a spike tail?

Grasshoppers do not have spiked tails. A bush cricket does look exactly like a grasshopper though and it has a spiked tail.

What is the function for ovaries in grasshopper?

The function of ovaries in a grasshopper is for reproduction. Eggs are produced in the grasshopper's ovaries. Their eggs look like brown rice.

What does a grasshoppers poop look like?

Grasshopper droppings are brown, solid and oblong. The shape of grasshopper droppings are similar to a grain of rice, but smaller.

What coes a camelback grasshopper look like?

a cross between a stinkbug and a spider.

What insect looks like a grasshopper?

Locusts look very similar to grasshoppers.

What does a mature female eagle look like?

like a female

What does grasshopper waste look like?

Grasshoppers waste look like a long snake just shrunken it's mostly straight