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Goldfinches eat thistle seeds, birch seeds, alder seeds, and sunflower seeds.

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What does the Goldfinch eat?

A goldfinch will feed on small seeds and grains, dandelions and also thistles.

Why do the American goldfinch perdtors like to eat the American goldfinch?

i dont really know why they do this

What animals eat the dandelion?

Deer and rabbits eat dandelion leaves.Birds, such as American Goldfinch, Wild Turkey eat the seeds

What finches have yellow feathers?

American goldfinch, European goldfinch, lesser goldfinch, evening grosbeak, pine siskin, Lawrence's goldfinch.

What animals eat American goldfinches?

cats the only one that eats a American goldfinch

How tall is Marcus Goldfinch?

Marcus Goldfinch is 6'.

What is the scientific name for willow goldfinch?

The scientific name of the Willow Goldfinch (aka American Goldfinch) is Carduelis tristis.

Is a Willow Goldfinch a American Goldfinch?

Yes. The Willow Goldfinch is a subspecies found west of the Rocky Mountains in the US.

When was Bill Goldfinch born?

Bill Goldfinch was born in 1916.

When did Bill Goldfinch die?

Bill Goldfinch died in 2007.

Is the Eastern goldfinch the same as the American goldfinch?

Yes,,Same species.

What is Iowa's state bird?

Eastern Goldfinch (aka American Goldfinch)

What is the Iowa state bird?

The Eastern Goldfinch. It is also known as the American Goldfinch.

Where you can find the Goldfinch bird?

The goldfinch is found over most of North America.

What is the lifespan of the American goldfinch?

The Eastern Goldfinch lives up to about 11 years

What nicknames does Marcus Goldfinch go by?

Marcus Goldfinch goes by Marcus Paul.

Why is Iowa's state bird the Eastern Goldfinch?

American Goldfinch, not eastern. I don't know why. According to the encyclopedia the American and Eastern Goldfinch are the same species.

Is the eastern goldfinch considered an endangered species?

No, the eastern goldfinch is a very common species.

What is state bird of Washington State?

The Willow Goldfinch, also known as the American Goldfinch.

What is the state bird of New Jersey?

The American Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis), also known as the Eastern Goldfinch.

When was Marcus Goldfinch born?

Marcus Goldfinch was born on November 28, 1974, in Wellington, New Zealand.

How much does a goldfinch eat each day?

As much as they can stog in - they're like pigs with wings, especially with nyjer and sunflower seeds.

What is the plural for goldfinch?


Is a goldfinch a mammal?

No, it is a bird.

What eats a goldfinch?

sparrowhawks do