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A good haiku has three lines, and is most likely about nature and things like that.

It doesn't have to rhyme, either.

GOOD example: The tree, a beautiful creation

In the fall, leaves leave.

The tree, oh tree, a beautiful creation.

Also, in a Great, not good, haiku, the last line can be like the first.

BAD example: My Iphone was ringing, which was annoying.

I told my Iphone to SHUT UP.

Sadly, i was on the subway, so people started staring.

Don't have a haiku have stuff about electronics, items, etc. You know what I mean.

It should be about nature and earth and everything. not society. That's just my opinion! Hope this helps! (By The Way, I just made up these haikus i did NOT NOT NOT steal them. If there is another just like them, i promise i did not copy them!)

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Q: What does a good Haiku have?
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When and where does Haiku come from?

Haiku is from japan and all that good stuff

What does good Haiku have?

5,7,5 syllables

What is a good idea for a haiku?

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What are good words to use in a haiku?


What is a good haiku topic?

I have to do. History one and holocaust is a good topic

What is a good title for a haiku about the moon?

You could call your haiku, The Moon.

Can somebody give you a good example of a haiku?

This is how a haiku goes: The flowers are fresh, The snow has melted away, Spring is here to stay!

What is a good title for a haiku poetry book?

I would chose Untitled for the title for a book of haiku. The reasoning behind this is, traditionally haiku are not titled, therefore with your book being titled, Untitled it reflects the poetry or at least I think it does. Perhaps, another option is Untitled: The book of haiku.

Can a haiku poem rhyme?

Haiku poems traditionally do not rhyme, and a Haiku would not be considered a Haiku poem if it did rhyme.

What is the antonym for haiku?

"prose" is the antonym for haiku. source

Where can one find good deals on hotels in Haiku?

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What were the first Haiku about?

=A haiku is awsome=

What is the plural of haiku?

It's 'haiku'.

Where did haiku start from?

haiku started from Japanese

What has the author Patricia Donegan written?

Patricia Donegan has written: 'Haiku mind' -- subject(s): Translations into English, American Haiku, Haiku 'Without Warning' 'Haiku mind' -- subject(s): Translations into English, American Haiku, Haiku

How many lines are in a haiku?

There are 3 lines in a Haiku.

Information on haiku in Japan?

Haiku originated in Japan.

Is there such thing as a haiku?

A haiku is a type of Japanese poetry.

How many sylables are in haiku?

There are 2 syllables in haiku

Where did the haiku poem originate from?

Haiku came from Japan.

Does a haiku have periods?

Yes, a haiku poem can have periods.

How many lines does a haiku have?

A haiku has 3 lines

What is haiku play?

a haiku is a 17-word poem

What is haiku in Spanish?

Haiku in spanish is Haiku

How can you use the word Haiku in a sentence?

My Haiku was eliminated from the competition, because I had the wrong number of syllables. I wrote a haiku?