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To a reader imperative expresses the will to influence the behavior of another. A sentence with the word imperative is people resented his imperative tone of voice.

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Imperatives are commands that instruct or encourage the reader to take a specific action. They are direct and assertive, often prompting the reader to do something. Imperatives can be persuasive in nature, motivating the reader to act in a certain way.

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Q: What does a imperative do to the reader?
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A sentence for imperative?


What is the example the imperative?

An example of an imperative sentence is "Please close the door." It is a command or request that tells someone to perform a specific action. Imperative sentences are characterized by the use of a verb in the base form without a subject.

Put your dirty clothes in the hamper is this declerative interrogative imperative or exclamatory?


Sentence for imperative?

You are very imperative.

What is an antonym of imperative?

Inessential is an antonym for imperative.

Is picture this imperative or declarative sentence?

It is an imperative sentence. The pronoun "you" is implied, which happens in imperative sentences.

What is an imperative sentence and example?

"Go clean your room". That is an imperative sentence because imperative means a command.

What are all of the imperative verbs?

The imperative verbs are: listen, eat, run, sit, stand, jump, write, read, speak, think, come, go, stay, sleep, wake.

What is a imperative senence?

An imperative sentence is a type of sentence that gives a command, makes a request, or offers advice. It often begins with a verb and does not typically include a subject since the subject is usually the person being addressed. Examples include "Close the door," "Please pass the salt," and "Don't forget to study."

A sentence that gives command?

An imperative sentence is a sentence that gives a command. An example of an imperative sentence would be: Hand me those pamphlets, please.

What is a sentence using the word imperative?

It was imperative that the town be evacuated before the volcano erupted.An imperative sentence is used to give a command or make a suggestion.It is imperative that we leave

What is a sentence for imperative?

It is imperative that I get to that meeting