What does a mom and dad do?

Mothers (moms) and Fathers (dads) have multiple roles in their child's or children's lives. Parents' responsibilities are behavorial, physical, medical-dental, emotional, intellectual, moral and often are legally required from parents.

Physically parents must:
  • Provide adequate housing.
  • Provide adequate fluids.
  • Provide adequate food.
  • Guard a child's overall safety whether at home or in public.
  • Guard a child from other children and adults who might accidentally or deliberately cause harm.

Medically (Medical-Dental)
  • Provide care when a child is sick
  • Seek medical and dental evaluation and services
  • Oversee medical care received
  • Obtain all legally required vacinnations
  • Be aware of changes in health and seek treatment
  • Comply with doctor's orders or show cause why they should not.

  • Teach appropriate social behaviors and norms
  • Implement punishments designed to teach without being abusive
  • Seek treatment if a child's behavior might harm self or others
  • Prepare a child to go to school

  • To love, protect, and "honor" a child as an individual
  • To train without abusing
  • To provide comfort when distressed but also teach a child to tolerate some discomfort
  • To treasure a child without overly spoiling
  • To teach self respect and respect of others

  • To prepare a child for school
  • To comply with State Laws regarding schooling
  • To work with teachers to ensure a good education
  • To supervise schoolwork without doing a child's homework
  • To support a child to excel

  • Whether through a religion or not, to provide moral upbringing.
  • To be a good model and moral example to their kids
  • To teach moderation and tolerance for diversity

While some of these have NO legal mandates, some do have laws to force parents to comply example schooling. And if a child is discovered to be at risk and the parents are not doing the above tasks, the law will step in.

A mom and dad protect you, love you, and take care of you while your growing up