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It decreases the terminal velocity of the parachutist.

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Q: What does a parachute do to terminal velocity?
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What effect terminal velocity and air resistance have on a sky diver when he opens his parachute?

Air resistance increases and terminal velocity decreases when the parachute has opened.

Why is terminal velocity with a parachute open less than the terminal velocity before it was open?

because there is more air resistance

When can terminal velocity be good?

When trying to survive a parachute jump.

Method for testing a parachute's terminal velocity?


How does a parachute reduce the terminal velocity of a person falling through the air?

The parachute increase the surface area and so therefore increase air resistance, slowing the person down, and reducing terminal velocity.

When does a landing rocket reach terminal velocity?

It may unless it has an attached parachute

What happens to a skydiver before they open their parachute?

They jump out of the plane and accelerate to terminal velocity.

How is acceleration due to gravity be zero in a parachute?

At terminal velocity (constant velocity), the acceleration is zero, but prior to that, there is a downward acceleration.

What is the final velocity?

Perhaps you mean Terminal Velocity, as in a parachute fall? This is the maximum speed reached in the fall. Final velocity will be zero, assuming you arrive on the ground.

Will a man in a parachute when the air resistance is less than his weight accelerate?

Yes, until he reaches terminal velocity.

What forces stay the same when a sky diver's parachute opens?

Terminal velocity. I'm pretty sure that's what your asking.

What happens to an object when it reaches terminal velocity?

If someone is skydiving, the terminal velocity would be the greatest velocity reached by the falling person until they open their parachute. So in that case, the effect would be slowing down because of the parachute. The effect may vary from different cases.